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  1. Tumbla

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 46

    Dangg, looking good.
  2. Tumbla

    Disapointed about the the "push back" of the release?

    Glad they pushed back, alot of games release on steam with the Early Access tittle slapped on them and they are filled with bugs,dupes, unbalanced gameplay. After that players bombard the game with Negative Reviews, a year or two passes the game is alot better but already lost alot of the player...
  3. Tumbla

    Actual release date ?

    Not declared yet, before 2020 is the closest thing to a date we have and that will be the Steam Early Access release.
  4. Tumbla

    Not sharing ship blueprint rights

    How would they be able to recreate it, make it so you just add materials to the blueprint without actually seeing the design?
  5. Tumbla

    Stealth Technology

    Since i have heard there i going to be some sort of radar, or ship transponders i think a good "stealth" mechanic would be to add something that allows a ship to hide from those radars. Some sort of jamming device, maybe? Nothing too extreme tho like invisibility where you cant see a ship 5...
  6. Tumbla

    A Pirate or Exiles station

    I think that's where the sandbox aspect comes in, if players want to build something like this go at it. Would definitely add more content, would pirates and exiles follow the rules set by the managers of the station, or would they get raided by the bounty hunters and lawmen looking to spread...
  7. Tumbla

    Not sharing ship blueprint rights

    I could get behind something like that, make blueprints require mats to create so the owner cant create infinite amounts and make infinite money.
  8. Tumbla

    At what point would a company be decided has a faction?

    Probably, or maybe they're calling factions alliances? A group of companies that form an alliance, making up their own faction.
  9. Tumbla

    Closed Testers ?

  10. Tumbla

    Captain-General Kitten

    welcome to the forums, sadly there are no humans in starbase only robots. The masterrace
  11. Tumbla

    Luna Corp. - Let's Play Amongst the Stars

    Rigged, no other faction was in the poll.
  12. Tumbla

    I am MegaLinkX117

    Welcome to the forums
  13. Tumbla

    Big guns or not?

    that'd be cool, pulverize whole asteroid fields or moons
  14. Tumbla

    Death Star?

    Got an idea of a station built out of mini death stars. With each sphere being a dedicated station with it's own specialty all connected.
  15. Tumbla

    Big guns or not?

    give us a rail gun, or hypercannon like in gundam which one shots ships.
  16. Tumbla

    Station Safe Zone Control

    Definitely need something that prohibits offline raiding, a siege of a base needs to be something that takes alot of planning and dedication to that planning. People would get burnt out and quit if it is too easy to lose something you spend a month building up.
  17. Tumbla

    Doctors in space.

    I see one problem with this, robots dont bleed. Maybe leak fuels? Also i think the credits would have to be paid from the person who requested the medic, that way it adds to the economy and credits dont just spawn out of thin air.
  18. Tumbla

    For the love of Bob please move the Starbase Channel in Discord.

    kinda hard to talk about starbase non stop when it's not even out yet
  19. Tumbla

    Starbase Maps!!

    Were gonna need more than a 3d map, since its space.
  20. Tumbla

    Burnside's Design, Defence, and Defenestration

    Welcome! Hopefully this game has all that.