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  1. BadgerBadger

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 46 (2021)

    I hope power is included with apartment rent ;) would give them a reason to rent over having a station (tapping into the city power grid over running your own generators)
  2. BadgerBadger

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 39 (2021) - Moon Bases and Mining status update

    I think there are enough of the titan roids for every player to have at least one each.
  3. BadgerBadger

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 36 (2021)

    can't wait for some of these to make it into an update :)
  4. BadgerBadger

    EA Update 20.8.2021 (Early Access Build 560)

    :( So if I run cables or pipes inside parts that can not be removed with the cable/pipe tool it is going to be impossible to pick up, pirates are going to hate trying to salvage any of my ships
  5. BadgerBadger

    EA Update 20.8.2021 (Early Access Build 560)

    yey durability tool is back
  6. BadgerBadger

    EA Update 10 August 2021 (Early Access Build 544)

    This one was driving me mental, you could see, scan it but then it would disappear when you got close enough to mine it, and then reappear when you moved away. But there was a few times they disappeared just before I crashed into them that was handy.
  7. BadgerBadger

    Can we get the guns, fuel rods, and tool shops back?

    Well I did miss the shops, doing something simple like getting bolt ammo was hard on EA release. I was crafting modules just to steal the bolts for the first day until bolt ammo hit the AH. I came to the realization that the shop where not the issue, the issue was that I needed them. In the...
  8. BadgerBadger

    Xhalium, has anyone found it?

    Even in CA it was hard to find, most of it found that I know of in later part of CA was over 800km out in the belt core. But from my experience and spending over a year in CA I never found any myself (even when going to the same location where other found it). I am hoping in EA with the ore...
  9. BadgerBadger

    PVE is already failing...

    Currently leaving the SZ near a player station is a surefire way of getting taken out by a group of PVP players, solo players in a miner/explorer ship do not have much of a chance against a pack of PVP players in fighters. The way I see it now is that unless you have fire support (solo players...
  10. BadgerBadger

    Character got deleted in ez build mode

    This has happened for a number of players including me. I would suggest monitoring the discord tech-problems and known-issues channels like I am for instructions, and suggest not creating a new account unless they say to
  11. BadgerBadger

    Rails and Rail Movers - Requesting feedback on current rail usage

    1. Tried to use them but found them too buggy, had plans to use them to get around cable limits but used ore crates instead and now we have ducts too. 2. Have not used them in any spawned ships or current designs 3. Zero impact if removed
  12. BadgerBadger

    Update 9.6.2021 (Alpha 476)

    Yey mouse controls!
  13. BadgerBadger

    Update 26.5.2021 (Alpha 470)

    Sounds like time to redo the tutorial again.
  14. BadgerBadger

    Update 19.5.2021 (Alpha 458)

    Yey, more patch goodness
  15. BadgerBadger

    Update 5.5.2021 (Alpha 443)

    Yey a Vintage ship shop now
  16. BadgerBadger

    Update 14.4.2021 (Alpha 416)

    Nice. Now with the "Material Point Scanner" I might have some more luck trying to find some Xhalium.
  17. BadgerBadger

    Update 7.4.2021 (Alpha 411)

    Yey! more update goodness
  18. BadgerBadger

    Update 3.3.2021 (Alpha 376)

    Yey, day early update :D