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  1. Dedicated station with Central Hub (no ships allowed)

    While I don't think the devs are going to want to provide "arenas in safespace" where you can PvP "for the love of combat", I think they'd be overjoyed if players did.
  2. Where are the asteroids?

    I've never had to go more than 20km to find the first 'roid. Usually 18 or so.
  3. Dedicated station with Central Hub (no ships allowed)

    I believe the social policies would prohibit such actions in the safe zone. So anyone who did vandalise or attempt to take the ship would be subject to sanction.
  4. Visibility of player's nicknames

    Nevertheless :) I'm a fan of having game mechanics have in-game manifestations.
  5. Visibility of player's nicknames

    I voted for "small drone", so long as you can shoot it out. I also think it shouldn't have crosshairs or any real relation to where your endo is moving, and possibly ought only to bue usable while static. Imagine trying to move tactically using a drone's camera projected onto your VR headset...
  6. Content for researchers of the universe

    Wot? I can headbutt asteroids to bits now?! Good work Frozenbyte! ;)
  7. cosine help

    I would guess* that the "%" is a typo. It's looks like it's meant to be an operator; I'd try substituting in ^, *, /, + and - one at a time in that order (based on my perceived likelihood that those characters are typoes of %, basically; it's trial-and-error, so doesn't really matter) to see if...
  8. Dedicated station with Central Hub (no ships allowed)

    If there has to be a station with no ships for some sort of "performance" boost, just to allow socialising, then the game is sunk. Now the initial rush has faded, and concurrent Endo numbers are closer to where they'll be for the rest of Alpha, you make me think that maybe the playerbase should...
  9. SZ too profitable

    "...PvP is the core of the game...". It's an almost direct quote from LauriB. Right now there's not much PvP going on, but it's the main purpose that the devs have in mind for the game and at the centre of their design decisions. Always remember that the game is still feature-incomplete when...
  10. Turrets & cradles stop working when attempting to put them on turntables.

    Have you let the devs know this problem and its workaround via the F1 feeback tool in-game. They love well-described faults with potential workarounds.
  11. SZ too profitable

    Feature, not bug. PvP-focused game. Don't be surprised when you can't access all of it if you won't participate in the key mechanic.
  12. Frustration with Refill propellant tank and rods Vo. 2

    It speaks to character, m'Lud.
  13. Frustration with Refill propellant tank and rods Vo. 2

    Apart from your apparent inability to recognise dripping sarcasm, What. Is. Your. Problem? You know the answer, and you've executed the solution, but you're still complaining. Strange person. Ah, diddums? Unlock it then. Or bolt spares you can buy from the AH to the outside of your ship if...
  14. Frustration with Refill propellant tank and rods Vo. 2

    Sure you are, Because there's no way on any ship ever to carry extra fuel rods and prop tanks. Nope. It's impossible. You're stuck at the range of 1 rod and 1 tank. Can't go any further if you can't make rod refills and tank refills out in the wild. Nosiree. Enough with the strawman. The LRDG...
  15. Pinging the ship transponder remotely

    I think an idea like this is good enough to be included, but it needs to be set up so that it's not just a magic wand that gets you back to your ship without risk, so I looked at limitations and opportunities it could permit.
  16. SZ too profitable

    Making an element of T1 engines "AH only" for those who don't want to PvP is taking things too far, IMO. Should be able to build T1 things without heading to the Black. TBH, there are a load of components (last time I looked, and I've not noticed any Patch Notes changing things) which really...
  17. AOE heat for thrusters, cargo, weapons, etc.

    Unfortunately, your suggestion doesn't do anything of the kind. If they have to space things out, they will still need a "flat back end" because thrusters corrode stuff. Forcing things to be spread out will mean that even if your thrusters only occupy 50% of your rear-facing aspect, you'll have...
  18. EA Update 22.9.2021 (Early Access Build 627)

    Additionally: In some cases maybe, in CA, the volume of activity was low enough that the servers/netcode could keep up, and sometimes, with a larger concurrent player count, they now struggle, so "desync happens".
  19. AOE heat for thrusters, cargo, weapons, etc.

    I would rather the heat system be more coherent. It's wonky that you can't cool your guns using the built-in coolant system in the first place. Forcing thrusters to be spaced out would just slow people down, because of the thrust-drag model: you won't be able to fit as much thruster power to...
  20. Frustration with Refill propellant tank and rods Vo. 2

    You can refil your components without needing the skill you just go to the AH (the gas station) and buy the refills (full rods and tanks). Making refills at a crafting bench out in The Black yourself is more like getting a jerrycan of crude oil and boiling it up to make petrol on a gas stove by...