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  1. fr4me01

    PTU Update 29.4.2022 (PTU Build 865)

    It's only great if you consider everyone being able to do everything all the time, great. Which is not. And it's directly against one of their stated design goals of the game. All in all I guess it doesn't matter anyway since this project is dead. Imagine having actual progression in a...
  2. fr4me01

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 11 (2022) - Player station insight

    I do understand that inventory 2.0 is essentially re-writing their entire inventory system again, but I bring it up because its a system thats interwoven in literally everything that is "soon:tm:". Without it literally nothing else makes sense/can be accomplished. The current system is STILL...
  3. fr4me01

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 11 (2022) - Player station insight

    Heat tracking is a siege support system which doesn't need to be added before or with sieges to make sieges functionally possible in the game. MANY MORE FEATURES HAVE to be added BEFORE SIEGES hit to make ANY of this core block of massive features they say they have backlog completed to...
  4. fr4me01

    EA Update 15.03.2022 (EA Build 824)

    roadmap? :cool:
  5. fr4me01

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 10 (2022)

    Roadmap? Improving/Enabling connection quality with people using VPN or Hotspots? You are having massive problems with your backend systems and connection/verification quality right now with only 200 active people. I can't imagine how bad its going to get when your capital ship update drops...
  6. fr4me01

    PTU Update 11.3.2022 (PTU Build 818)

    So does this mean capital ships will only be manufacturable through modules? Then that leads me to believe this is why work is being done to put Easy Build Mode into the SSC.. So in the future we can design capital ships and Stations in the SSC? I hope you guys realize you are offloading the...
  7. fr4me01

    PTU Update 4.3.2022 (PTU Build 812)

    yikes kinda bleak looking. What about a roadmap? The 3 month gap between patches for LIVE was bearable because you guys were doing a bunch of stuff on the PTU the whole time.. PTU patches like this make the live server look really depressing and Lauris 1 year quote extremely intangible.
  8. fr4me01

    EA Update 09.02.2022 (EA Build 793)

    The old rotation system is still in place, just unbound. You can go into your controls and rebind all the same keys and it works the same as it did. Yeah I've had a lot of parts I've tried to list on the marketplace straight up disappear from my station inventory when I tried to list them...
  9. fr4me01

    PTU Update 14.1.2022 (PTU Build 752)

    Improved warping a Capital Ship into a Capital Ship Dock with a more suitable destination pose Aww that sounded interesting
  10. fr4me01

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 46 (2021)

    How are current blueprints purchased from the Starbase Ship Shop website/discord channel going to be merged into the up coming deed system with blueprint chips? Will buyers of the blueprints be safe purchasing these or on the change over could we lose access to these since we are not the...
  11. fr4me01

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 44 (2021)

    single part missiles and torpedos? so we're giving up on their components and customization route for them going forward? are we likely to see the same thing happen to all components that form one machine? making way for more tiered components?
  12. fr4me01

    PTU Update 11.11.2021 (PTU Build 715)

    Actually pretty pog changes here.
  13. fr4me01

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 43 (2021) - Siege insight

    I know I am super critical of some aspects of this game sometimes. But with 1300 hours and having taken the last week and a half off I am very passionate about it. Thank you FB Team for dealing with us and being passionate about the game you are developing. This game has a lot of potential...
  14. fr4me01

    EA Update 1.11.2021 (Early Access Build 701)

    300 people a day aren't blanket harvesting all the asteroids. they're harvesting strictly the large charodium asteroids. hopefully these stop being replenished going forward. theres no incentive to leave the safezone if big roid charodium harvesting in the safezone is even remotely similar to...
  15. fr4me01

    PTU Update 20.10.2021 (PTU Build 679)

    This is the case, and this is happening regardless of what the people in this thread hypothesize. These statements are coming from experience on the live server up until about a week ago. Once tripods hit the meta completely shifted away from fighters even after all FB attempts to balance...
  16. fr4me01

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 41 (2021)

    So what I am seeing is FB is phasing out SSC in nearly every aspect of the game in favor of using EBM which is broke, doesn't work, and assumes we are all 5 year olds with 3 IQ who can't possibly figure out the SSC. Are you guys really designing your entire game around the EBM now? You realize...
  17. fr4me01

    A question about the "Blueprint control Interface" working "retroactively"

    Mentioned by Lauri on the main Starbase Discord server the other day: link to message/conversation here for context "" Tegxra — 10/08/2021 @LauriFB re-bumping this question. i'm very keen on what the BP chips will enable when it comes to IP control and selling. re-selling/sharing was a recent...
  18. fr4me01

    EA Update 8.10.2021 (Early Access Build 657)

    The insurance terminal holos are almost worth the 2 week wait by themselves! :)