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  1. Spartan Shipyards

    PSA: Player-Created Stations coming AFTER (EA) Launch.

    If player stations won't be a thing at launch this means a few likely things will happen. One of which that particularly worries me is that renting in stations near the edge of safezones will be highly contested/sought after by large groups. I know mega stations have no size limit but I can...
  2. Spartan Shipyards

    Piracy and Thievery

    That's what I've been arguing, if you don't take solo and new player expirence into account the game will fail. If you let it devolve into complete anarchy and piracy only the largest groups will prevail until they have nothing left to cannibalize but themselves and then they'll quit. Look at...
  3. Spartan Shipyards

    Piracy and Thievery

    I can't tell if you're a troll or just a moron. Probably both. As worried as I am for the future of the game, I highly doubt what you describe will come to pass. Go back to playing Ark and Ark with boats, I'm sure that's more your speed.
  4. Spartan Shipyards

    Fan made starbase construction demo

    Great work! If Starbase doesn't come out with a creative mode I can see this becoming a go-to tool for shiprights.
  5. Spartan Shipyards

    Argentavian Federation | Achieve Prosperity

    Finally, a group that aren't a bunch of psychopathic anarchist pirates. I'd be happy to align my future ship building services to your cause.
  6. Spartan Shipyards

    Ship of your dreams!

    A mobile space fortress that doubles as a freeport and city (the ones featured in 40k are a good example. Makes me wonder what the upper limit for how big ships will be in the actual game.
  7. Spartan Shipyards

    A free station

    I fully stand by your idea of a neutral freeport. We need more people like you, and I fully pledge any support I can give towards that endeavor.
  8. Spartan Shipyards

    Making larger ships more interesting with modules too large for smaller ship?

    Yea, I imagine Electronic warfare could add another strategic layer to combat. I imagine to balance it, it would require you to be fairly close and to maintain that range for a the entire length of the hack. Losing power or getting out of range would force you to start again. I also imagine...
  9. Spartan Shipyards

    Making larger ships more interesting with modules too large for smaller ship?

    Sure. Electronic Warefare is the act of remotely targeting and hacking or attacking an enemy's computer system. In Starbase this could involve using a specilized room or module on ship to remotely try to access an enemy ship's YOLO network to do harm (disable doors, weapons, engines, sensors)...
  10. Spartan Shipyards

    What kinds of ships are you going to be building?

    Ah yes, Death Pyramids...lesser cousins of the Death Cubes.
  11. Spartan Shipyards

    Making larger ships more interesting with modules too large for smaller ship?

    I fully agree, larger ships need unique incentives to justify funneling resources into. Capital class weaponry, industrial storage, unique modules such as long range warp/jumping or electronic warfare suites. These all should be unique to larger ships.
  12. Spartan Shipyards

    POLL: Respect Neutrality

    Unlike most others in this thread (who have proven themselves throughout the forums to be psychopathic warmongering scavengers) I fully embrace the idea of neutral factions and organizations. Take for example the Fuel Rats of Elite Dangerous. They provide fuel and rescue to any and all who are...
  13. Spartan Shipyards

    Piracy and Thievery

    There's a reason games like these die before they really take off. It's because people like @Atreties will always view some fresh spawn noob taking one step out of a safezone as a potential "threat". This forces new players to quit and turns off potential players. And once all that's left are...
  14. Spartan Shipyards

    Piracy and Thievery

    If a player or groups of players target people with the express purpose of just doing it because "we can" and for no material or resource gain, that seems like griefing to me, exploits or not.
  15. Spartan Shipyards

    Piracy and Thievery

    That is literally the definition of griefing and you damn well know it. And I'm not in for any type of awakening, I fully know players like you just see games like this as an excuse to be general @sshats to anyone that isn't part of your circle. But as a game and business model the developers...
  16. Spartan Shipyards

    What kinds of ships are you going to be building?

    Granted we don't have the game yet to see how ship building and combat will pan out, but given previous trends I'm not hopeful. Even "Pretty" or dolled up death cubes will be fairly boxy or rectangular in shape. But this has me thinking about all the way the creativity of the game will just be...
  17. Spartan Shipyards

    Piracy and Thievery

    I feel there should be high-sec areas like in EVE. If its all unguarded space aside from the small safe zones then griefing and anarchy will run wild, while that sounds tantalizing for some people it does not bode well for player growth and retention.
  18. Spartan Shipyards

    [Poll] What Kind of Player Are You?

    Neutral shipyard. I'll build ships for whoever has the money or resources, unless the purpose is for griefing.
  19. Spartan Shipyards

    What kinds of ships are you going to be building?

    Judging from this and your other posts you must be fun at parties. Though putting that aside your statement brings up a good point that many games in a similar vein such as Starbase have failed to address, and that is the power of function over form. In almost all games that allow to build your...