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  1. Henkka77

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 34 (2021)

    New guy needs to post these to the Discord also. :D
  2. Henkka77

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 31 (2021)

    Might want to change that "Please note.." paragraph, theres no closed alpha anymore.. ;)
  3. Henkka77

    The downfall of Starbase

    If you are referring him quoting me, sorry to disappoint you but i have been in CA since the launch, played over 300hrs and might have a thought or two about CA state. ;)
  4. Henkka77

    The downfall of Starbase

    Whining about everything "wrong" with closed alpha game? Priceless.
  5. Henkka77

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 4 (2021)

    Company features getting love.. when?
  6. Henkka77

    My Starbase adventures

    I had this stream coming for a week but just didnt have the time or had other irl stuff, but heres my latest Starbase stream, where i go through the premade ships in Starbase. Despite of the title, this isnt a real review per se, more just my personal opinions of the ships in Starbase. Enjoy!
  7. Henkka77

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 21 (2020)

    Release date of what? CA launched just few weeks ago and trust me when i say that its not ready for EA for a while yet..
  8. Henkka77

    My Starbase adventures

    Oof, forgot to link my latest video here but better late than never. :) I have done also couple of streams in finnish with my friends, so if anyone is interested in those..
  9. Henkka77

    My Starbase adventures

    Thank you. :) Hopefully tonight if no surprises with rl. Having two under school aged kids throws curve balls sometimes. And the wife wants some attention every once in a while.. :LOL:
  10. Henkka77

    My Starbase adventures

    Thanks for watching. :) I'm sure FB will invite more ppl in CA, soon(tm). ;)
  11. Henkka77

    My Starbase adventures

    Below is my playlist of my Starbase adventures, streams are irregularly regular. :) I try to stream at least once a week. First two episodes: If you prefer Twitch, i use Restream and i stream to Twitch also:
  12. Henkka77

    Hypevan in iRacing

    So, friend made this for me. Hype is real.
  13. Henkka77

    Release ?

    Very soon.
  14. Henkka77

    Is there any PVE content in the future?

    PVE content: - mining - ship building - base building - trading - exploration All of that will be in the game.
  15. Henkka77

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 5

    Good, good.
  16. Henkka77

    Eos Explorers Alliance

    Ever wondered whats behind Eos? Ever wondered what would you find if you fly 2 weeks to same direction? Ever wondered how far you could get? If you answered yes to all of the above, continue reading.. - Eos Explorers Alliance (EEA) is a home for all exploration loving robots and we aim to...
  17. Henkka77

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 1 & 2

    "S" as in "Soon".
  18. Henkka77

    Poll: Camera

    Yes, limited cameras would be nice in certain situations. :)
  19. Henkka77

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 49

    Afaik, its a design choice.