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  1. My New Ship is OK

    Why did I see that coming
  2. Hard limit on speed

    You were right: I am not that experienced in the industry, but somewhere you have to bite into a sour apple. Either you double check if something was inbetween your last and current position or you have to increase the tickrate. You either have option A or option B. Its up to the devs to decide...
  3. Mounted weaponry spread

    In real life weapons arent perfectly accurate all the times, but if your weapon has an effective range of 2km, then you should be able to hit your target roughly where you want it to at this range. In the Starbase wiki the mounted weaponry are classified by fire rate, bullet velocity, ammunition...
  4. Network?

    There is something like a print(x) command. Though it is soly restricted to radio transmitters, who at the current point in time can only be mounted to stations (Tho I am not certain if it has changed already). Radio transmitters can send out a message, which can be received if a navigation...
  5. Hard limit on speed

    I understand your opinion and I agree, that not every ship should be able to go the real life equivalent of mach 1. Though I think it should be possible. And to the problem you just tried to explain. Every object has a current position. Your problem could be solved by a short amount of code...
  6. Greetings from Canada

    Nice cat and welcome to the community
  7. Network?

    You can: With text panels
  8. Network?

    Maybe you can go read more in the YOLOL subsection of this forum. Lots of interesting things and you probably understand more there than I do:LOL:
  9. Hype thread!

    I am just being hyped for the game in general. I wanna play it so bad
  10. Network?

    I dont think that is in the realm of possibilities within YOLOL code, though I would like to see some sort of in game comms
  11. Stealth Tech?

    As far as I know you can already have "camouflage". You just have to paint your ship appropiately (generally a very dark blue, not black, with maybe some gray, if you want to hide in the asteroid field
  12. Hi everyone!

    Hello nice to meet you. Nice cat. Long hairs do take a lot of care
  13. A system similar to the weapon system of From the Depths

    the guns are modular, its just unknown to what degree
  14. Orbital Bombardment

    Well yes but as of rn there no actual physical planets, the planet eos is a gas giant
  15. Hello there!

    General Kenobi
  16. Ways to limit gun spam and glass cannons

    I really like the first point you made, as it is not only accurate in physics but also important in real-life attack vehicle (A-10. Source: , 7:50) but would add another layer of depth to combat. As well I think the second point is a must have, it should be implemented into the game before full...
  17. Hard limit on speed

    I really like this because you don't have this blunt in-your-face "You can't go faster then x". Through this the games physics would regulate how fast you are travelling, since you have weight on your ship in relation to the thrust you produce (Which is the only limit in other games like SE)...
  18. Better Missile Pods

    XenoCow, great idea, great concept. I see no problem with this conflicting with anything in StarBase or its Philosophy. Though your missile controll device would be useless in my opinion. Ez af YOLOL code. Watch this (Source: You can programm a lever to change...
  19. What kind of mounted Weaponry would you like to see?

    First of all I heard from Meetbolio who wrote on this thread, that flak cannons are supposed to be the next weapon to be implemented into the game. Secondly: Yes there is no reason to build a bomber since there is nothing to target, but that should change once we hit full release. Third is...
  20. What kind of mounted Weaponry would you like to see?

    A small, fast, maneuverable fighter should be able to take out a large unprotected fighter. Guess what they did in ww2: The gave immobile targets tons of armour (tanks anyway, but bombers on the places it counted) and gave them weaponry to defend themselves (turrets [also avaiable in SB]) and in...