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  1. FatFly

    Player-made Ship Shops

    Nice :) Koios got in. Thanks guys!
  2. FatFly

    Radio Starbase - fanfic ;)

  3. FatFly

    Starbase Comic Book - season 1 - Empire

    Part one of Empire Comic: And he looked over his left shoulder, where his craft laid broken and cargo spilled... Then down toward the valley! Small bluish figurines of Kingdom troopers advancing slowly, shooting from time to time... - Those are civilians for God's sake! - he thought and he...
  4. FatFly

    Vote for which of the current roles is better

    No matter how much votes you got here guys - LOOK! Empire is still on top of the list :P
  5. FatFly

    We are all Empire!

  6. FatFly


    Evolution of an advanced vacuum cleaner Kingdom forces attacked our quadrant when I was just a tiny utility bot, tasked to clean the top left shelf, just next to the hangar door of auxiliary control maintenance shaft. Those 15m2 were my World before first missiles penetrated stations defenses...