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  1. BadNation

    Starbase Community News: November 2020

    Every update I see I just want to play it moreo_O
  2. BadNation

    VoIP do we need it?

    Although it does have problems, VOIP will add a lot of rp and immersion elements that will be missed out on, but I do agree that performance should come first.
  3. BadNation

    [MAC] Will Starbase be compatible with Mac

    I don't believe there is, but it is very easy to install a copy of windows on an external drive that you can just boot too. Free as well
  4. BadNation

    Ship speed, max speed and thruster spam

    Doesn't it make sense that the bigger ships are slower, it makes much more sense than to have every ship going ZZOOMM
  5. BadNation

    Starbase Community Hypevan Send-Off

    This is a sad day for us all, very sad day indeed :cry:
  6. BadNation

    Checking to see if a user has signed up for alpha.

    I don't believe that there is such a way you can check but I may be wrong, I don't think there is any harm in re applying if you can't remember if you have or not but I'm not 100% sure
  7. BadNation

    Who would like to see/participate/bet on SPACE RACES?

    I feel like this is going to be a big thing within starbase, including the virtual debt collectors :censored:
  8. BadNation

    To all engineers: What will YOU try to achieve in StarBase?

    I (and my faction) are going to try and build our own station when we get the resources and funds to do so, I personally also hope to build some unique ships that are made to do some very specific tasks, that's all I'll say on it on the matter:ROFLMAO:
  9. BadNation

    Hello fellow players!

    Welcome! I'm sure you won't be displeased with your stay here and hope for you the very best! can't wait to see you in game:)
  10. BadNation

    Griefing and social engineering policies

    What other things would be considered purposely annoying people inside of a safe zone? I could see that getting abused a lot
  11. BadNation

    Saltberia and neutrality

    It's not for players to send people there it's only admins
  12. BadNation

    Will starbase support Linux

    I'm almost certain that it does support it
  13. BadNation

    Mixing Ores in the collector produces Impure ores, makes mining a challenge

    Interesting ideas, I would like to see some of this implemented.
  14. BadNation

    game access,

    I know that there is plans to let a lot more people into closed access but the devs are trying to make sure they don't do irreversible damage by releasing it to early like no mans sky did
  15. BadNation

    Endo Skeleton Modification and Capability?

    It makes sense to me that shots to the head do more, I think of the head like the cpu of the endo
  16. BadNation

    Sending Info between ships?????

    I'm hoping it becomes a lot easier after the transmitter rework but as of now it's not that easy
  17. BadNation

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 42 (2020)

    Every week I get more and more excited!
  18. BadNation

    Thoughts on adding player-made ships to the Starbase wiki?

    Yeah I was thinking while reading this if you had known about that :ROFLMAO:
  19. BadNation


    This is a really beautiful build! great job man!
  20. BadNation

    Weapon and armour balance.

    Wow i'm really impressed, I would make sure that the devs see this if I were you, you could offer a lot to them :)