About Mining and Ore Processing!

Aug 31, 2019
Mining and all that ore and mineral processing is the backbone of each and every empire/federation/call-it-whatever but It will be nice to have much more in-depth mechanic in game.
My little suggestion for the Developers starting from that Worckstation's collection shaft,.. it will be nice to have in that shaft a ore grinder or a crusher (just for visual thing)

Also, the same thing for ships who are towing and droping the whole asteroid. For now in the Starbase - asteroid mining we can only see how the asteroid is just Disappearing.
Also, it will be nice to have much more diverse ore and mineral reprocessing machinery (especialy for player owned stations/bases)


Personally I think that the more various machinery we will have in the game the more interesting the industry part of the game will be.
(sorry for my not good english)
Aug 12, 2019
I agree with everything you said. There is an existing multi-block customization furnace, but having a wide array of machines and devices to further process minerals and ores would be amazing. Not only upgrading the resource output, but also the integrity due to the purity by how much it has been processed would be a great addition, thus giving a good reasons for further refinement beyond just smelting.