Broken Ships Tutorial


Active endo
Sep 8, 2021
Came across an interesting idea and wanted to share it here. The tutorial system we have does a lot to teach you how things work when everything has gone right.

It however, does very little to teach how things work when your ship is damaged and breaks. If we're on the track of helping newbies understand things, a basic tutorial that gives someone a damaged ship to repair (Nothing super complex, just some missing wiring, or a part that came unbolted) would do a lot to teach people some basics about how the game works in an environment where they won't rage quit and never come back.

Sep 13, 2021
I suggested this in new players survey. It should teach how to fix:
- missing pipes / wires
- missing components using auto-fill blueprint (and that it uses bolts from your inventory)
- durability errors using bolt tool
- frame using build tool (and that build tool is not very reliable for other things)

Then turn this into a repair job (like salvage job) with progressively more challenging cases where you have limited resources available and maybe need to disassemble some parts of the ship to use them elsewhere to get it to work.


Well-known endo
Nov 9, 2020
It does make sense and would much greater help than the ship repair phase we have now.

Personally, I would just rearrange the phases to first have a salvage phase just to give the player a mean to earn some credits, then use the mining tutorial to give him some materials, then the crafting tutorial to craft some individual parts, and repairing the disfunctional ship like you are proposing using the combination of all the hand tools so that the player would understand how to use them (would need the Basic Workbench in the repair hall). Only then I would give him an operational ship to mine and add modules, and the added modules should be not cargo, but thrusters, because having a faster ship with fewer crates is better than slower ship with more crates in terms of player experience.

So yeah, I support the idea.