Easy Build Mode Work Around

Feb 4, 2022
The game is true early release, and that means there will be bugs. I spoke with a customer service rep. and they said that the next patch includes many Easy Build fixes. But I stumbled across a way to make the Easy Build System work pretty well in the mean time.

1. When you are in the Easy Build building, have some patience. When you hit the [.] key to toggle EZ mode on and off, it takes a while to make the switch. Your ship will actually disappear for a second during the switching process. Wait for it to change modes before you click stuff. You can use the Welder tool to be sure the system has switched into EZ Build mode. IF you are in EZ mode, the welder will make modules turn green when you point it at them. If the entire module does not turn green, then you are not in EZ mode. If waiting does not work, then completely exit the game and come back in again.

2. ONLY USE BRAND NEW MODULES. This one is super important. Never try to use a module that has been used before. It's best to go the the Market Place and sell all of the modules out of your storage inventory before you begin a new ship, that way you will not accidentally use an old one.

3. Make your additions and expansions only on a new ship. The Laborer or Laborer V2 make a good starting core and will provide you with the best results.

4. Don't remove the Pilot Module from the Laborer. You can make small modifications to the pilot module (buttons, etc) but don't remove the whole module with the welder.

5. Another super important thing: Do all of your EZ Build modifications BEFORE you attempt any kind of traditional work on the ship (like adding a YOLOL chip reader to the ship using a bolt tool and a cable tool). Do all of your EZ build stuff first, then after that you can do the normal type upgrades to the ship. BUT after you do a normal upgrade to the ship DO NOT go back and try to use EZ Build on the ship ever again. Stay far away from the EZ Build workshop.

By following these guidelines, I have managed to make several big ships using the EZ Build System with no problems at all.
Sep 13, 2021
SSC requires you to go through 1 hour long tutorial on youtube just to get started and then dozens of hours designing your own ship and that's too much for most new players who just want to add more engines and storage to their starting laborer. With EBM you can quickly expand your 2 engines 8 storage ship, to 20 engines 80 storage and then you go to SSC and never look back.


Veteran endo
May 16, 2020
after knowing how to use the ssc to build ships before launch , after launch i tried ebm, i spent way more than an hour trying to get engines to attach (snapping problems).. still , the ssc is a very good ship builder tool, the best thing starbase has going for them. as it is, they need a tutorial of there own , or tell everyone that picks up this game you will need to see this youtube vid.
hell we can create modals in the ssc to make building easier, why did FB not add all the EBM modals into the ssc modal list for "SCC easy build" is still a mystery!
to divert manpower to build a totally new building system at the last hour to appease the few n00bs at the start was not needed. then they went down the rabbit hole on this and it will take them years to dig themselves out of the hole they made!


Veteran endo
Aug 11, 2020
Actually they are doing that, its 'casual' mode for the SSC.

Learn the SSC now, it will save you so much time later. I have a super impomtu tutorial (literally had a new player and took them to group edit to teach them) I am uploading to youtube now as a stream VoD, and am live most days of the week to answer questions one-on-one if you need guidance.
The main benefit of the SSC is speed. You can clone similar parts, and move the camera wildly faster to save time. You can build, rip apart, and then rebuild several times, in the time it takes to make it the first time in universe.
Hard-Build-Mode IS faster to *learn* if you don't know how to make ships yet, evidenced by the fact my corp saw that all the hard-build players were the richest players in the corp for the first week, but this was due to how fast they could get a prototype running. The efficiency of these builds lacked significantly, and were surplanted by custom builds that were vastly more efficient in many ways.

All said, I don't disparage anyone using it for rapid prototyping and getting on their feet fast, but its best to push away earlier rather than later. I also personally think the creativity and personalization of ships is severely limited (and therefore longterm enjoyment) by not making your own custom ship.