Outposts and Territory Management


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May 28, 2020
As the game leaves CA and factions begin claiming territory, I think that stations will fall short if they are the only option available to stake a claim. They need to be expensive in order to balance the safe zone, but due to the cost only large factions will be able to build and defend them. This is fine, as stations are meant to be major power/manufacturing hubs, but their exclusivity may constrict viable playstyles and creativity. As such, I propose that a smaller variation of station be introduced: the outpost.

Outposts would function similarly to stations, except that they do not have a safezone. Instead, an outpost's core would only protect the outpost structure itself, ships docked directly to it, and asteroids/terrain in a small radius it may be anchored to. To compensate their lack of protection, outpost cores would be much cheaper to build than station cores, perhaps even being able to be built on the spot instead of towed from a station proper. For small groups or solo players, outposts would provide an affordable way to set up a minimal home base. For large factions, outposts would be an efficient way to establish satellite installations outside their stations' range. For example, an outpost could serve as a...
  • hangar for short-range miners
  • refuel station along trade routes
  • listening post near enemy territory
  • landing pad on planets/moons
Due to the outpost itself being invulnerable, they could double as defense platforms alongside their primary role. Speaking of combat, outposts would also need be more vulnerable than stations. To prevent night capping, they would still have a limited vulnerability period, but it would be much larger than a station's. Additionally, the delay before a siege on an outpost would be much shorter, maybe even within 12-24 hours. (Obviously numbers would need a lot of tweaking here to be balanced). Unlike besieging a station, an outpost's core would not need to be destroyed in order to win the battle. The attacking force would merely need to occupy the space around the outpost for a period of time. This would put an emphasis on capturing outposts, allowing outposts belonging to inactive groups to be salvaged/repurposed without any hassle while also creating objectives for warring factions to fight over. This would lead to an overall increase in pvp opportunities.

In addition to the main concept, outposts could be given other abilities/functions to make territory management more engaging. Perhaps outposts near allied stations could extend their safezone. Vice-Versa, an outpost near an enemy station could shrink its safezone. What if outposts projected a zone that doesn't disable ship damage, but prevents enemies from mining? Restricting how close outposts can be built together could be used to restrict enemy expansion. Just some ideas.

Overall, the purpose of this suggestion is to make static-structures viable outside of station safe zones. Stations should be treated like cities in the Civilization games: major hubs, but surrounded with satellites structures/improvements. The universe shouldn't be barren save for a few high-density pockets. Additionally, players who prefer the solitary play style or aspire to be pioneers on the distant frontier will need some sort of outlet.


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Aug 9, 2019
TBH I'd prefer all the player stations, big or small (outposts), to grant invulnerability only to the station structure and anchored ships. That's enough to prevent offline-riding, and online-riding should be dealth with manually.
There is no need for safe zones, except for noobs and non-combat players who already have one around starting stations.

Regarding your idea - I see no point to create artificial distinction between small and large stations. Better make a system that gradually increase the time needed for dropping the station protection (besieging mechanics) as the station grows bigger.