Update 10.12.2020 (Alpha 312) - Patch warning / Station building feedback thread


Jul 15, 2019
Please see Patch Notes for the Alpha build 312.

There is a known issue which has come to our attention. When building a station, any progress can disappear after you leave. This seems to be able to occur with all methods of building: building tool, automatic building, and welding.
Thus, we cannot guarantee any stations built or being built to be safe until a fix for this has been patched in. This should not affect old progress before this new patch but there may be multiple factors involved overall.

We ask you to only spend minimal resources or resources you can afford to spend while testing station building until this is fixed. We are investigating the issue, but would appreciate any information you can give us.

This issue is not 100% reproducible and in our own tests it happens sometimes but not others. Therefore we need information from players - both if it happens, or if it does not happen, and the circumstances surrounding them.

So if you are testing station building, please send us an F1 report with information on:
  • whether or not the things you built are disappearing after you leave (either by in-game travel or logging off)
  • how often is this occurring
  • which station
  • how did you leave
  • how were you building
Alternatively, especially if everything works ok, you can post information about this here in this thread or in #alpha-feedback on Discord. If this issue happens then we recommend an F1 report as the best option as that gets the most attention from the QA team.


Frozenbyte Developer
Sep 11, 2019
Might be hard to test with autobuilding method that OKI uses the most, but we'll see what we can do.


Community Manager
Jul 22, 2020
Please note that we would also appreciate reports in the case of the things you've built not disappearing when you leave - meaning if things are working as intended. Please post information here or in #alpha-feedback on Discord, while favoring F1 for when things are going wrong.


Master endo
Aug 9, 2019
ok so i have test station build with build tool both a half built beam and a completed beam persisted through logging off
same with plates, also tried leaving several half built then completed a full plates, all persisted.
will test welding parts and autobuilding soon