Update 28.4.2021 (Alpha 437)


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Sep 6, 2019

Update 28.4.2021 (Alpha 437)

New features
  • A set of 10 Duct parts now available
    • Ducts are for creating resource networks. Can be used to replace cables and pipes. The ducts connect with adjacent and stacked duct parts, and with cables and pipes when in contact with them. The dimensions of the duct are compatible with beam grooves, but they can be used on other surfaces as well
  • Completing the tutorial now rewards up to three ships
Known issues
  • Renderer's memory limit is easily reached, causing mangled LODs when exceeded
    • A fix for this is being worked on currently

Patch Notes

  • Improved leg behaviour when player is flying around
  • Pistol has new transition animations from prone to stand and back, and prone to crouch and back
  • Configured sound effects for 3D printers (printing starts, printing finishes, error)
  • Fixed some incorrect material audio settings
  • New button sounds and button audio config for different sized and looking buttons
Building Tool
  • Fixed building tool failing to fill parts fully on the first try
  • A thruster blockedness retest is initiated if there are changes in detected thruster parts even if a durability recalculation and a resulting blockedness retest have already been done
  • Added SoundCategory to Audio Signal Devices
  • Fixed levers with same name binds not working properly
  • Updated Material Point Scanner's material to Kutonium from Bastium
  • Updated cable sockets position for Lamp A Base 144x24 cm
  • Removed player made ships from economy:
    • Herfjotur
    • Modulus RP
    • Tugger V2
    • Vigo
  • Updated Cutting Tool's sparks and burning metal visual effects
  • Disabled welding linked entities with a hologram
  • Fixed a crash when hearing a Rangefinder hit sound as client
  • Fixed an issue that caused Generator structures to disappear
  • Fixed an issue that caused finished trades to re-accept
  • Fixed an issue that caused ship derelicts disappearing randomly
  • Fixed an issue that caused tool sounds to not play if started during an animation
  • Fixed an issue that was caused by spawning an empty ship
  • Fixed an issue where swapping items through Quickslot required multiple presses
  • Fixed an issue with items that were grabbed flinging far away after a ship collision
  • Fixed unequipping held items by pressing an empty Quickslot slot
  • Left/Right Ctrl and Left/Right Shift can be used as modifiers when binding keys in the Settings: Controls menu
  • Mining Backpack's large ore slots are now prioritized when collecting ore
  • Welding forms durability connections between ship frame beams over welds that are sufficiently close to each other in other frame beams
    • Autobolting no longer creates attachment plates between beams in such setups
  • Removed the raised part from 48 cm intersection beams
    • Beam Intersection G 48, Beam Intersection H 48, Beam Intersection I 48, Beam Intersection J 48 And Beam Intersection K 48 have been updated for the cable & pipe ducts. This has slightly changed how welding behaves in the center of these intersection beams. Some ships might need to be re-welded so weld positions are updated. Also there may be cases where bolt from the outside no longer reach the intersection beam due to hitting the removed part of the intersection before the change.
  • Added a new allowed word list in addition to bad word filters, new allowed words include 'torpedo', 'cockpit' and others
  • Fixed an issue that caused trade credit "field" to leak input/share enter press with chat
  • Re-added the keybinds for switching channels in order or in reverse order
  • Fixed mining backpack gathering ores indefinitely
Missiles and Torpedoes
  • Fixed Missiles not locking when relogging
  • Fixed Torpedoes not locking properly in launchers
  • Fixed an issue that caused Missile or Torpedo parts to be perpetually locked after pick up/host change
  • Fixed an issue that caused Missiles or Torpedoes to launch at inconsistent speeds from launchers
  • Fixed an issue that was caused by Torpedo blowing up a specific part of a ship
  • Fixed an issue where Missiles or Torpedoes exploded instantly after leaving the launcher
  • Removed MissileLock fields from Torpedo Laser Sensor and Torpedo Fuse
  • Fixed gravity on objects
  • Ship Spawn Terminals are now back on top of the landing platform in Moon City
  • Updated:
    • 10 Flying Arrow
    • Alfrigg A
    • Fundinn A
    • Kestral
    • Lyngbaker A
    • Magnetar
    • Magnus IIMN
    • Marmot-MN
    • Mite
    • Modulus MN
    • Molerat
    • Moon Midge
    • Moti Double
    • Po-8 Strannik
    • R22Q Astra
    • Sinthgut
    • Tabletka
    • MLS-8-252 "Truzhenik"
  • Modified descriptions of:
    • 10 Flying Arrow
    • Kestral
    • Magnus IIMN
    • Marmot-MN
    • Modulus MN
    • Molerat
    • R22-QA Astra
  • Changed name of Modulus to Modulus DIY
  • Fixed Swine description not displaying
Ship Designer
  • Added 10 new Cable and Pipe Ducts:
    • Duct Corner 15x15 cm
    • Duct Intersection 48x30 cm
    • Duct Intersection 48x48 cm
    • Duct Intersection 72x42 cm
    • Duct Intersection 72x72 cm
    • Duct Straight 12x48 cm
    • Duct Straight 12x72 cm
    • Duct Straight 12x96 cm
    • Duct Straight 12x144 cm
    • Duct Straight 12x192 cm
  • Fixed decals being sometimes painted only partially
  • Fixed Paint Tool decal selection logic to properly work with small brush radius
  • Fixed paint not being applied to the same component after undo
  • Added landing/takeoff signs and markings holograms to multiple landing platforms
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Station Foundation Blueprint Projector to disappear after picking it up
  • Fixed some floating geometry/decals in the lounge structure
  • Fixed station LOD sometimes remaining visible even though station is fully loaded
  • Raised "Kyanite" and "Shale" in OKI 2 Ship Shop so that the pilot's seat can be accessed from below the ship and not clip through the shop floor
  • Re-positioned arrow holograms that were casting shadows on refill/refuel slot docks to not cast shadows
  • Updated Mining Job tutorial visual instructions
  • Completing the tutorial now rewards up to three ships
    • One Laborer is awarded each time the tutorial is completed (with a 2 hour cooldown in-between)


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Mar 27, 2020
Renderer's memory limit is easily reached, causing mangled LODs when exceeded
  • A fix for this is being worked on currently
Very cool. I hope this gets fixed before the early access release.
The memory leaks have been my single biggest issue in pvp. Right before how LODs are handled and ofc the projectiles that phase trough ships and the bugged laser cannon.
I am very hyped for what's to come. :D
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