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  1. Inventory Glitch

    If you want to get rid of them, you can sell them to npc vendor at marketplace.
  2. Plz add grappling hook to board ships

    You can already attach ship to ship using towing beam, but grappling hook would be personal item that helps you get onto a target ship in certain range (like lifeline but you choose when to use it and it doesn't stun you). There was a hook in Worlds Adrift and it was probably the best part of...
  3. Space Jelly has been observed to cause interferences with radio signals.

    Infinite range would be impossible to implement, but it doesn't have to be infinite, instead some very large number would do just fine as long as it covers whole play area. Also there is a problem that accuracy decreases the further away you are from origin. If you really need to know your...
  4. Broken Ships Tutorial

    I suggested this in new players survey. It should teach how to fix: - missing pipes / wires - missing components using auto-fill blueprint (and that it uses bolts from your inventory) - durability errors using bolt tool - frame using build tool (and that build tool is not very reliable for other...
  5. The speed of the ship suddenly decreased

    You could name them "Main" to have them run at 10000 and see what happens.
  6. The speed of the ship suddenly decreased

    Another thing you can do is to set your ship to fly at full speed, get off pilot chair and check your engines to see if all forward engines are running with thrust close to 10000 (use universal tool to check this) and all backward engines are not running or have thrust close to 0.
  7. The speed of the ship suddenly decreased

    Check your ship using durability tool and see if there are any durability errors (red parts). There is a gameplay option that reduces your ship speed when you have durability errors, so that your ship won't fall apart.
  8. Ship Repair in Space never works

    My first experience with build tool was also like that, but recently I fixed some heavily damaged ships on moon surface and it's doable if you know how to do it, so this is what I learned so far: - only use build tool to fix ship frame (make sure you have access to resources), it will...
  9. Easy Build Mode Work Around

    SSC requires you to go through 1 hour long tutorial on youtube just to get started and then dozens of hours designing your own ship and that's too much for most new players who just want to add more engines and storage to their starting laborer. With EBM you can quickly expand your 2 engines 8...
  10. internal combustion generators

    When I was a beginner I made a trip to asteroid field in safezone with my starter ship and mined ores to craft tier 1 generator. It costs nothing. Now I'm not a beginner and I still haven't used solar panels (cause I didn't see a reason to do so). Having more options is not bad, but suggesting...
  11. Delete stations

    Stations panel tells you if station has factory hall or not. You can use that to tell them apart.
  12. Engines. Fuel consumption. Boost

    1. It's true for propellant, as for energy, it can got down to about 50% as you throttle down the engines (according to wiki). If you want to have "eco" mode that runs slower and consumes less propellant/fuel, then you should be able to create yolol script that disables whole engines rather than...
  13. Is this the intended outcome?

    As you play various games, you often learn more efficient ways to progress. If you chose to not use the more efficient way and instead insist on using less efficient way to progress then, well it's your choice. I sometimes do this to make my games harder by self imposing certain rules...
  14. Is this the intended outcome?

    Progress not possible, what? You can max out research tree without ever touching auction house. It's just a matter of time investment. Using auction house makes it more efficient and crafting items that give you most points for resources as well as buying ores using money you got from vendoring...
  15. Public Message Device: Declair Intent, Ask for Help, Advertise Your Station

    There is already device that does this. It's just not available to players: