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Hey The Emperor! Welcome to the community! I know you must be busy poring over all the info and videos but I want to extend a welcome from the Luna Corp. Community! If you need anything please let us know! https://discord.gg/UEENgnB
Thank you for your consideration and kind thoughts. Currently I’m looking to create a guide for the game over on the Steam Workshop to help new players/community members just like you are.
I mainly put this here just to bother your reading when scrolling down through diffrent messages I have written, You are very welcome for making this take up space but if you want me to remove this you better get the people with spammy stuff delete it
Hello there, I'm the current Head of Defense at SkyJak Industries, Grand Admiral Sovereing. I hope we can all establish a fruitful community where Starbase has the ability to grow to be one of, if not the best space game out there!