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    Pandora's box [RUS|ENG pirate clan]

    Thank to the SUN Alliance, especially the NHR clan. We got weapons for enhanced fun.
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    Pandora's box [RUS|ENG pirate clan]

    People are coming back to the game, pirates have something to have fun with.
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    PTU Update 8.4.2022 (PTU Build 838)

    Grab your weapons, Endo!
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    Lifeline need to nerf

    a fictional problem, ships are easy enough to detect without jumping off the ship. This mechanic does not give any advantages, since you cannot control the ship while you jumped off, plus the stun time
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    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 10 (2022)

    What happened to Hacked Dead? last week they showed that he had only the code left, and here they write again about the design stage. I do not understand
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    Pandora's box [RUS|ENG pirate clan]

    Hey there. We are the Pandora's Box What we do? We're having fun! Where we do it? Everywhere! And if you have been gonked or dunked by one of us this is our official response: Thank you for using Gonk'n'Go Fast Insurance Transfer Service. If the speed at which you were transferred to the nearest...
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    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 8 (2022)

    this is a good idea, it means that for sieges, it will be necessary to protect the supports of the station so that it cannot be broken so easily. and moreover, there are mechanics of supports, then this would naturally appear
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    Separate PTU and Live to different games in the steam liberally

    What about to separate PTU and Live to different games in the steam liberally. Cuz these hops cost some time and ssd recourses) We will need to down load two starbases once, i kinda already downloaded about 200+ GB in total :cry:
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    How to make the game more real-world friendly

    if you're afraid of losing the ship. turn off the transponder and put the ship in the fog, the whole solution to the problem, there is no way to find you, where you are, it's impossible.