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  1. The problem with a persistent universe and player onboarding/Origin Stations

    Hi there! I agree with XenoCow. If the tutorial creates an instance with the required amount of asteroids/materials, so only you can see/mine those, it is the easiest of the solutions in my opinion. It doesn't affect the economy and new players can continue the mission without issues. A...
  2. We need more diagnostic tools

    Ha! I found some sunglasses! I just realized that there's a "camera" menu on top, where you can adjust "Ambient Light Illuminance" I set the first one on zero and the second on the middle and it helps A LOT in my case.
  3. We need more diagnostic tools

    :rolleyes: yes, my brain hurts
  4. We need more diagnostic tools

    Hi! I agree with a continuity tester for pipes, cables, and ducts. I spent 1400 hours on the game and probably 80% of those on the designer; testing is so time-consuming -leaving aside the frustration of having to review all because of an unnoticed mistake. Maybe ducts can report issues as beams do?