capital ship

  1. My station was corrupted, block can't load ( out of shape) is there something like rollback or any1 can help me with it?

    My friend and I started building a capital ship at the station. Everything was fine, but today at about 16:00 something went wrong and the station together with the capital ship disbanded and it is impossible to interact with them anymore. The name of the station ,, Base ,, and the name of the...
  2. Diezer

    capital ship part problem

    i make all my capital ship part in origin 27 but can't scrap or carry,drop the item ty for help
  3. ChaosRifle

    What is the plan to make capital ships less boxy?

    Right now with EBM making anything that is not a 90 or 45 degree angle is not possible, without freeform welding plates. Most of the builds I think people will want to do will involve more than just these angles, so builds are looking blocky so far, and personally I have been loosing interest in...
  4. When should we expect Capital Ships?

    Based on todays Capital Ships progress update, it seems as though it could be many weeks before Capitals Ships are released. Please let us know when you believe this feature should be ready for release!
  5. JoelFB

    Station Siege FAQ

    Station Siege FAQ When is Station Siege coming? A few months after the Early Access launch. How is the size class of a station or capital ship decided? The size class will be around the volume of the station/capital ship. We'll figure out the exact numbers during the process, but the key idea...
  6. Why wouldn't cap ships just mount thousands of torpedoes?

    I asked Lauri in discord what is there to stop a capital ship from mounting a thousand torpedoes, and firing them off the moment the fight begins to obliterate the enemy station. Lauri said that the capital ship would be out of range, but after thinking it through I don't understand why that...