1. AuraFB

    Rails and Rail Movers - Requesting feedback on current rail usage

    We are currently thinking about temporarily removing Rails and Rail Movers from the game in order to properly fix them before Early Access. We want to stress that this would be only temporary and done only so that we can iron out all the bugs. Rails and Rail Movers would be brought back to the...
  2. KaiFB

    Manual Beam Welding - Requesting feedback on a design suggestion for replacing attachment plates

    We promised more open communication about big gameplay changes following the discussions regarding attachment plates last week, so here we are! We'd love to hear what you think of the following design for manual beam welding, a new tool which would act as a replacement for attachment plates when...
  3. kiiyo

    Away with thruster walls.

    This post was born from a discussion in the main discord's #alpha-feedback channel. The discussion happened on April 1st, around 3:30PM GMT if anyone would like to find it and read it for themselves. The general statement is as follows: Smaller, more powerful and potentially modular thrusters...
  4. anton_stezhkin

    Invisible bolsts

    I think the ships will look much more futuristic and smooth without bolts being visible all the time. Especially the ones that hold the glass panels. So my suggestion is: make bolts visible only when durability/bolting/construction mode is enabled. P.S. @Kenetor says he likes this idea.
  5. Okim

    Unofficial parts set for ship design

    Greetings everyone! The Machine has decided to share our full set of parts (AKA 'Lego' or 'The Constructor') with those willing to try their skills in ship design and modelling! Link to the set: Compatible 3D software (free / educational versions): - 3DS Max...