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  1. XenoCow

    XenoCow's YOLOL Guides

    !!!YOLOL Guides!!! Welcome to my guides on the in-game programming language YOLOL. I hope yo be informative, useful, and brief with them. Take a look and have fun programming! Episode #1, the basics:
  2. Hunter

    1 Hour Station Mining Timelapse

    Hi all, My alliancemates and I were curious about how much you could rake in from one hour of station/noob mining. I decided to record that one hour session and turned it into a timelapse.
  3. XenoCow

    Why Do I Post My Starbase Videos to Youtube Alternatives?

    The simple answer: is that its free to me, gives my viewers choice (all five or six of them), and has the potential to earn me money much sooner than Youtube. The long answer: I enjoy experimenting and learning new things, as many of you who would want to play a game like Starbase would...
  4. Acestrick


    Looking forward to creating great content. Thanks for the Support given by everyone within the community. Starbase Designing a Faction recruitment page now. Feedback is wanted. If anyone is interested in helping DM VIa Contacts: Discord: Acestrick#0836 Future Content...