Add a robot dog.

May 15, 2020
We need a robot dog.

Everyone across all games always loves an addition like this, it's always a great advertising point (assuming that will be a focus soon due to patch) I strongly suggest that you make it functional, i.e it has a backpack so it can carry tools/provides you with x amount more of inventory space. The backpack should be going into a functional slot that can be changed out for other things, i.e if i dont want the extra invent space, i can swap it for a mining laser, or a gun, so the Endog or Endo-dog (no charge for the name) can act in a support function across multiple domains. Combat, mining, other support.

Outside of function, we need to be able to pat the dog and it should be able to dance, backflip and make a cool robotic howl sound, if another dog is near by, it should also respond with a howl.


I understand there are particular things that need improving to make the game more enjoyable and viable overall, so I'd definitely prioritize those things, though the Endo-dog would be cool.


Well-known endo
Aug 19, 2021
Yes. I also want to have my pets in the game and I want to grow a garden for the Endo robot. By the way, I would forbid the possibility of flying indefinitely with a jetpack. If someone wants to fly a lot, then you need to set the appropriate setting for Endo