I want to delete and start over. I don't want to just restart the tutorial.

Feb 1, 2022
Title says it all. I would like to restart as if a new player. I don't want to restart tutorial only and keep all my data. I want a full reset. How can I achieve that? And if that function is not in the game for ME to choose, would someone from the team be able/willing to do it from their end?

The reason doesn't really matter, I just want to. It sounds dumb but that's my reason. I find it odd that there is no option in game for me to do this myself. (That I can find)

I repeat, I want to WIPE my account/character and start as if I just purchased the game.


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Sep 16, 2021
Last I checked there was an option for it in the F1 menu > Ingame help > Character profile data reset.

I'm definitely curious why you'd want to, though! :)
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Jan 31, 2023
Yeah like Haladin says, if you drop an F1 request we can reset the account. Just let us know (y)
Does the F1 request still work? i drop one 4 days ago and my game is still not reset, It is more enjoable when i come back to the game after long time and there is lot of thinks to do. just tell me if you have not time for that and it will take much more time, i will wait, ;) but right now i feal the request was owerlooked


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Feb 13, 2020
F1 is still in use, though limited in throughput I'd say, so it can very well be that you are stuck in a queue (especially since last weekend was an event that probably generated a few more pressing tickets).

If nothing happens, you might also ask over on the discord (forum is not active, so possible people only look sporadically)