Interested in joining the Spark of Light? [SOL]


New endo
Feb 15, 2020
Hello, Recruit, and welcome to the Spark of Light. We hope you will find your new Starbase home here and we believe you can help contribute towards the greater cause of expanding towards the stars.
Before you join, we need you to read this small introduction to the faction to clear up any questions or misunderstandings.

What rules do I need to know?
Here in SOL we strongly believe that our members should enjoy the game however they want to. Therefore, we have a small list of requirements.
  1. Communicate in English. Voice Chat is not required to join, but it will be needed if you want to take up an important role in combat.
  2. Use common sense. Don’t insult, threaten, doxx, or harass anyone in any other way. Do not post NSFW content of any kind in the Discord server or in-game.
  3. Stay loyal. You must not reveal sensitive information regarding SOL, attack anyone in Starbase unprovoked and without an order, damage SOL’s reputation or otherwise harm the faction as a whole.
We reserve the right to ban you from the SOL Discord or kick out of the Starbase faction and explain the reasons for it. You can appeal an unjust kick or ban by having a civil conversation with a Lord or Baron in DMs.

How does SOL work?
The Spark of Light is an independent monarchy ruled by the Baron and the Lords.
The Baron has the final say in everything and acts as the Discord server admin.
In-game work is divided into three branches. When joining, choose SOLID or SOLACE as your branch as you wish. You are not limited to your branch’s field of work.
  1. The Spark of Light Armed Reserves (SOLAR), consisting of military commanders.
  2. The Spark of Light Industrial Developments (SOLID), consisting of a Quartermaster, miners, refineries, etc.
  3. The Spark of Light Approved Civilian Efforts (SOLACE), consisting of a Quartermaster, builders, coders, designers, shopkeepers, etc.
There is a Public Proposals channel in the SOL Discord which allows members to submit propositions once per two days and vote on them. Well received ones go to the Voting Assembly.
The Voting Assembly is a formal “parliament” of SOL, where important or highly requested changes are approved or denied.

What do I need to do in SOL?
SOL’s main goal is player freedom. You are not required to do anything.
However, you have joined a Starbase faction to do Starbase things. Helping us with things like providing materials or building ships will pay. Contributing to the weekly Goal set by the Quartermasters will pay better and a lot of assistance will be rewarded further. If you want to do battle, our commanders organize combat-related missions which any member can complete for payment. Remember that you cannot fight other Endos unless you have the clearance to do so, that can be in either war-games, military missions, or in self defense. You can find more information in our constitution or by joining our discord in the link below:

We also have attached some documents to this thread for you to look at our process as the SOL, please note that should you choose to join you are able to provide criticism and present your own ideas as to how we can improve this faction for the betterment of all members within it. You are what will make this faction.




New endo
Feb 15, 2020
We are also looking to enroll companies under SOL to defend their assets and to bring about a stable faction that is self sufficient and productive with its own individuality within each company, either DM myself Unii#1400 or join the discord to submit a proposal!


Active endo
Feb 2, 2020
Sounds interesting... I have been thinking about starting my own ship designing company or just becoming a freelance ship designer and just designing and selling ships. I'm sure I will spend about 99% of my time in this game just in the ship designer. In the game Avorion I have spent far more time designing ships than doing anything else. I still haven't gone into the center of the galaxy because I spend all my time in that game working on one of my ships instead of doing the missions needed to get there. And in the game From the Depths I have never done any of the campaigns, because all my time has been spent in the designer. XD
I will have to have a look at these PDFs later...
Also, I don't mean to offend but, your logo there kind of looks like crap. XD If you guys would like a much better looking logo and need a skilled artist/graphic designer to make you a better one. Maybe we can work out some deal for that too. :)