Introducing the Starbase Player Council

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Aug 26, 2021
Introducing the Starbase Player Council

The Starbase Player Council is an advocacy group with the goal of bringing focused and structured feedback from the community to the Starbase development team and representing the views and interests of the community. Members of the council represent the players in the development of Starbase by providing feedback and sharing suggestions based on the ongoing discussions and concerns within the Starbase community.
We already get quite a lot of feedback, but it is often scattered around in multiple different channels of communication and might be difficult to track in the flood of messages. The player council can help us organize and focus the feedback by getting suggestions and questions about matters that concern the community the most, directly from prominent members of the community.

A summary of important discussions within the council forum will be gathered and published regularly for the rest of the Starbase community to view. So even if you are not part of the discussions, you will still be informed about the goings on within the council. You are also open to give your suggestions and ideas to a council member, who can bring them up in the discussions in your stead.

For the first iteration of the council, the team here at Frozenbyte has already invited a handful of players to test out the project. Some interesting discussions have already been had on the forum and we are excited to see it progress in the future.

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