ITC - Interstellar Trading Corporation (Recruiting)

Aug 9, 2021
We are ITC.

And we have it all. Advanced Discord, Authenticated Apps, Scheduled Ops, Shared Bank, Shared Ores, Ship Insurance, Free Corp Ships, a vast logistics and navigation network, all zones Blue belt, Green belt, and other moon belts, Moon Bases, Advanced Ship Designs, YOLOL Devs, Capital Ships, Navy, Marines, SpecOps, and more! We're growing - and we need you!

We are a semi-casual organization of active players from the US, EU/UK, AUS, SA, and others, who enjoy mining, construction, exploring the far reaches of space, getting rich via mining, hauling, trading, shooting down hostile grids, and using our vast wealth to white knight and make friends in a dark and lawless Universe; ITC is the best corp you will ever join.

If Tony Stark were to start a corp in Starbase, ITC would be it.

From massive industrial projects including capitals, bases, and stations, to the exploration of the unknown reaches of space, from covert special operations to large active fleet engagements, and to casual chat and role play in our streaming and recorded adventures, we welcome you to find your niche with us.

We are looking for new and veteran players!


Interstellar Trading Corporation

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Then this should be an endo-symphony:

Our secure, internal, Discord authenticated wiki. 'Nuff said.

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Aug 9, 2021
Other corps may complain about a lack of content, but ITC has no trouble finding it. Why? Because we ARE the content! :D The party never stops at ITC. Even with the player base this low, our corp still represents 10% of the active Starbase player base! Come join us now as we take advantage of those who are away. :D When they come back, they aren't going to know what hit 'em.