SilverLight Industries - Be part of the Industrial revolution

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Aug 9, 2019
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What is SilverLight Industries?
SilverLight Industries is a neutral industrial corporation with goals to produce profits through Industries, productions and designs.

We are broken up into different divisions. Industry, R&D, Securities, Mining, Logistics, and Operations. Our corporation is ran by Coordinators Upper management and team leads.

You would join as a member to get vetted, move on to enlisted to join your division. Then move up to journeyman and finally specialist. You are always able to change divisions to meet you goals and needs.

SilverLight Industries started as a organization in Dual Universe, it will be branching while keeping a foothold in that Universe. In DU we have a large multiple planet organization that is a multi-trillion commerce org. If you are interested in joining or looking for business partners stop by our discord.