Space Jelly has been observed to cause interferences with radio signals.


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Aug 9, 2019
As title states, and as the observant player has already noticed, radio transmitters on the dev stations can only broadcast 1000km.
This means that navigation systems made in YOLOL such as ISAN, and others, don't function outside of a magic bubble around Origin stations.

This is kind of boring. We want to have access to all our fancy tools everywhere.

The ideal solution is that we get Radio transmitters for player stations, if and only if, FB truly wants space jelly to interfere with radio waves.
Then we can at least ourselves set up several ISAN (or similar) bubbles around locations where we want them.

I had fully expected we'd have that, along with the promised radio transmitters onboard our ships, by now.
But this is sadly not the case.

Another solution until you have time to rework radio alltogether, is to just have the 4 dev broadcasters have infinite range.
The client already knows where it is in dev-coordinates, not hard to make it compare that coordinate with a another dev broadcaster coordinate if you store it in the client, no server shenanigans needed for that.

So is it because you don't want us to have these tools available anywhere but just around Origin, or what's up?


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Dec 10, 2019
I'm all for signal repeaters or player radio transmitters, I have no doubt that they, or some sort of equivalent solution, will be added to the game in due time.

Perhaps I am unfamiliar with how the player navigation systems work, but isn't the signal decay necessary to the function? If the transmitters have infinite range, then since the power of all the transmitters would be the same, the distances between them would not be able to be discerned. They would all look like they are the same distance away from any position in space. Again, I could be wrong.
Sep 13, 2021
Infinite range would be impossible to implement, but it doesn't have to be infinite, instead some very large number would do just fine as long as it covers whole play area. Also there is a problem that accuracy decreases the further away you are from origin.

If you really need to know your position outside the range of navigation receivers, it's already possible to do as long as you can see 4 station transponders, but it would require you to manually input distances you can see and the accuracy would be much worse since the unit it shows is km and you may also inaccurately determine stations locations when setting up the system.


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Aug 11, 2020
I mean, multilateration in starbase is pretty pointless. You have hud markers for everything within relevent ranges, and later, civvie cap ships can take you the long distances, and you will just operate within a few hundred km of those instead. I really don't understand all the fuss about using multilateration, because it just doesn't give the player anything they can't do by just triangulating hud marker ranges. Getting good at triangulating can actually be faster to navigate than using multilateration due to the limitations of yolol ticks not polling the receivers at the same time.

With that said, FB have said they want to allow players to make the transmitter block.. Why they have not given us it is beyond me, sounds like a pretty simple block, that is already used on their stations. Placing four on your capital ship rather than in the world I see as infinitely more useful, as it becomes a relative coordinate space around your capital ships current position. I still see the receivers as unnessisarily heavy, with the only real use being returning to wrecks of ships you found/shot down later with a tugboat ship, or salvaging gear (or doing full AFK automation, but 99.999% of players will never use it for that) I personally view true range multilateration in starbase as a crutch.
Aug 15, 2020
The devs have stated in the recent past that transmitters will not be getting player-made alternatives, it seems we will be getting a non-yolol accessible map instead. But details on that are slim.
Nov 23, 2019
it would be fascinating to see some kind of global event on the construction of transmitters or dev stations in which all players would be involved, by analogy with global events in Elite Dangerous.
Apr 19, 2022
What about just having game feature to bookmark locations for navigation beacons? Which could also work with YOLOL. This would partially leverage radio transmitters issue.
And yet, I still would love to see transmittesr/receivers coupling for remote script controlled drones. Like automated haulers while you are mining in deep space.
Jan 15, 2021
The devs have stated in the recent past that transmitters will not be getting player-made alternatives, it seems we will be getting a non-yolol accessible map instead. But details on that are slim.
Theoretically we could maybe use radiation tech to make a transmitter, but accuracy issues and low transmit rate mean they might not be useful. A dedicated long range transmitter structure would need a lot of maintenance for any kind of multilateration. A ship could use its generator and radiator as a transmitter though, allowing it to broadcast some kind of information to ships with radiation detectors in the area.

While it will probably be possible, there just isn’t a use case that can’t be covered by discord or laser designator comms.


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Aug 21, 2021
If they gave players ability to install such navigation transmiters in space, with ability to take subscriptions from users, that would be such a perfect hotspot for organic station sieges and battles to control market of space navigation.But it is never going to happen.