Starbase Early Access Update 03.05.2022 (EA Build 869)


Aug 9, 2019

Starbase Early Access Update 03.05.2022 (EA Build 869)
Patch type: Major

New Features
  • Moon Mining & Bases
  • Capital Ships
  • Heat mechanics
  • Hangar halls (SSC/Repair hall) to player stations and capital ships
  • Station Reconstruction Machine
  • Blueprint update
  • Alloy furnace
  • Recycler tool
  • Speedometer, gyroscope for ships
  • Grid Displays
  • New tripods(plasma, rail, laser)
  • Rail cannons, premium FCU, tier 2+3 enhancers, and professional yolol chips are now obtainable
  • Manual Welding
Moon Bases

moon_station.jpg moonbase.jpg
  • Added Moon Base Foundation in crafting that allows founding a Moon Base
  • Moon Bases function like any other type of Station, except:
    • The foundation is placed into ground of a moon
    • Shape of available expansions is two 5x5 floors, maximum areas remains at 30
    • Objects must be supported by Support Legs to be placed. Each Support Leg supports 9x9 basic modules area around it with infinite height. The support area of closest Support Leg is visualized when inside Build Mode
    • Moon bases have their own permission to enable mining inside the Safe Zone area
    • Build restriction for other stations is 100 meters from the Safe Zone border
    • Later, a degradation mechanic will be added where unsupported parts eventually destruct
Moon Mining

moonmining_best.jpg 20220503103047_1.jpg
  • Enabled moon mining for every moon. The surface of moons can be deformed by using pickaxe, mining laser or explosives
  • Breaking the surface collects surface material relative to the amount of deformation done
  • Oreveins have chance to spawn while mining, with various materials distributed into each moon
  • Elysium moon has craters with more rare and plentiful materials than the normal surface
  • Different materials can be found depending on the depth
Capital Ships

capital_ship_example.JPG Starbase_alpha2_capital8.jpg
  • Capital ship creation is now available. Capital ship devices and parts require alloys meaning alloy crafting should be established first.
  • Parts for Capital Ship are unlocked in the Advanced Tech Tree after which those are available in "Capital Ships" section of the Crafting Window.
  • Capital Ship Creation starts with building Capital Ship Dock at station where the construction of Capital Ship can begin. Dock has maximum size which limits how big Capital Ship can be at first, but the building and expanding can be continued after leaving the dock with the ship.
  • When Capital ship is ready for fast travel it can fast travel to destinations saved into Navigation Chips with Navigation Data Logger. Saved Navigation Chip are shown in Fast Travel Terminal as available fast travel destinations when having the chip in inventory. Navigation Data Logger is also unlocked in "Advanced Crafting Tree".
  • As first voyage it is highly recommended to save navigation chip near the station where Capital Ship Dock is located and travel to this location.
  • More information about capital ship construction can be found in Starbase Public Wiki:
Heat Mechanics
  • Reworked how heat works on ships
  • Heat is a byproduct of the operation of many devices and machines, and must be dissipated to maintain peak efficiency. It is created primarily during the operation of generators and mounted weapons, and can be stored in a heatsink, dissipated with radiators, or (in the case of generators) rapidly nullified with coolant cells.
  • More info:
Manual Welding

  • Manual welding allows any objects, not just beams/ship frames, to be attached to each other via weld blocks
  • Weld block behavior is similar to bolts creating a attachment between multiple objects
  • Large and small weld blocks are added to Welding Tool in Ship Designer
  • Weld blocks are considered as objects in building budget and consumes Bastium
  • LMB will place a weld block and RMB will remove it
  • Hand held Weld Tool has a new manual welding mode which can be toggled with "z" (default). While in manual welding mode you can switch between large and small weld block using mouse wheel
  • For material use weld bocks consumes Bastium which can be used from the two ore slots in backpack, from material crates via resource bridge connection or from station storage
Ship Blueprint Update
  • Added a feature to allow each ship 3 save slots for different modifications
  • The window for the blueprint files opens by default with the Universal Tool when near a ship you're hosting, and can also be bound to a separate key
  • Operator access is enough to allow modifying ship blueprint files
  • One slot can be set to automatic save with 3 triggers configurable from Gameplay -> Ship Blueprint Autosave
  • Repair terminals and the blueprint filler feature can be used to restore ships to the form in these saved slots. The form at the time of purchase is also always available by activating the original blueprint slot
Inertial Measurement Devices

  • Added Speedometer
    • This device outputs the current speed it, or anything it is bolted to, is traveling at to a YOLOL field
  • Added Gyroscope
    • Reports device rotation over pitch, yaw and roll axes relative to the calibrated 0-point, in degrees
    • When placing the gyroscope on a ship, pay attention to its orientation. The arrows should point UP and FORWARD
    • Set the GyroCalibrate YOLOL field to 1 to calibrates current device rotation to 0 over each axis, once calibration is complete the field changes to 0 automatically
Ammo Containers

  • Added external ammo containers for ship mounted weapons
  • 7 standard magazines worth of ammo per container
  • The support bolts to ships, and the containers to the support, to ease reloading
  • Connect the support with pipes to your ships cannons
Station Reconstruction Machine


  • Added Station Reconstruction Machine to crafting
  • Must be connected to a supply conduit network producing electricity to charge and requires endokits
  • You can only have limited amount of Station Reconstruction Machines on any given station. The limit is 2 machines +1 more for each 4 size class of the station.
  • There is no limit to how many Station Reconstruction Machines you can be linked to at once, unlike with the ship version
  • Has range of 5000 KM
  • Machines can be renamed in insurance transfer menu to tell them apart
Hangar Halls


  • Hangar halls can now be built on player stations, allowing you to use the Ship Designer and Repair Hall from player-made stations
Alloy Crafting


  • Alloy Furnaces can be used to craft alloys out from various ores through Crafting Menu.
  • Alloy Furnace needs to be in correct type of asteroid belt or moon atmosphere to craft different alloy types.
  • The Furnace requires electricity to accumulate and hold Charges that are used when crafting alloys.
Recycler Tool


  • Recycle Tool recycles items and parts into their original crafting materials. Recycling a part returns 75% of the original material amount.
  • Recycler Tool only works on spaceships owned by you, decommissioned spaceships, and detached parts. It does not work on spaceships owned by other players.
  • Point at the item or part you want to recycle and hold M1 to recycle it.
  • Requires Power Packs to function.
Grid Displays


  • Grid displays are general-use information screens players can use YOLOL to display all sorts of information or symbols on, for a variety of reasons ranging from simple text readouts to complex data representations. Grid Displays can used by attaching them to a Control table
  • More info on the Starbase public wiki:
Universe Changes
  • Added Auction House to Moon City
  • Added new fast travel gate connection from Elysium Moon to the Eos asteroid belt, located around halfway between Moon City and Arma

  • Added Farbelt Outpost Station to the outer edge of the Eos asteroid belt, close to the new fast travel gate connection

  • Added Robur Station close to the Origin stations as an easy-access PVP testing ground - connected to Origin AH and station inventory, and has infinite-range insurance transfer
robur_location.jpg robur_station.jpg
  • Reduced safe zones around Moon City and the Fast travel Gate


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Aug 9, 2019
...and continued!

  • Minor modifications to crouch carry arm animations
  • Added 1st person prone move animations
  • Updated the 3rd person reload animation to match idle animation on Cable Tool, Bolt Tool, Pipe Tool and Welder Tool

  • Added missing UI sounds to Ship Designer
  • Fixed repeated button hover sounds in menus

  • Fixed an issue where the game crashed when pressing "Reset Shared settings" button on chat context menu
  • Fixed chat not wrapping lines properly with relation icons
Crafting and research

  • All Furniture and Decoration Modules under "Misc." subcategory have been move to the "Furniture & Decorations" category
  • "Misc." subcategory has been removed from the "Station Modules" category
  • Fixed an issue where crafting from ship crates failed, if the crafted item needed at least 2 different ores and none of them were in backpack's ore slots
  • Fixed an issue where some station parts were not craftable
  • Fixed an issue where some modules could not be crafted
  • Adjusted Generator Enhancer crafting data, enhancers are now much cheaper to build
  • Added to crafting:
- Speedometer (Controls, tables, screens, small devices)
- Laser tracker (Laser designator and tracker)
- Grid display Basic (Controls, tables, screens, small devices)
- Grid display Advanced (New node, right of basic yolol chip)
- 5-tube Rocket Launcher (Rockets)
- Fixed High Explosive Rocket (Rockets)
- Fixed High Explosive Dumbfire Torpedo (Torpedoes)
- Alloy crafting (New node, Advanced tech tree)
- Tier 2 alloys (New node, Advanced tech tree)
- Tripod plasma (New node, tools/weps)
- Tripod Laser (New node, tools/weps)
- Tripod Railgun (New node, tools/weps)
- Recycler tool (New node, tools/weps)

  • Added Alloy crafting to crafting categories
  • Added gyroscope to the basic research tree
  • Removed fast travel core from research/crafting environment
  • Added Factory Hall Flat 2x2 to Research Tree
  • Removed Fast Travel Core (mini) from craftables
  • Minimum crafting time changed from 1s to 0.33s, Max crafting time changed from 60s to 20s
  • Research tree changes:
    • Massively decreased research point requirements in all research trees. Almost every single node was adjusted.
    • Advanced research tree rework, now includes capital ship items as well as alloy crafting
    • Basic research tree has some nodes moved around
    • Fixed crafting directories
    • Added new ones
    • Added new Furniture and Decoration modules to the Research Tree:
Bench (Smart Casual)
Flooring (Smart Casual) - Set
Lamp Module (Smart Casual) - Set
Lamp (Smart Casual) B
Moulding (Smart Casual) - Set
Wall Panel (Smart Casual) - Set
Corner Panel (Industrial) - Set
Decorative Panel (Industrial) - Set
Fence (Industrial) - Set
Interior Wall (Industrial) - Set
Modular Structure (Industrial) - Set
Moulding (Industrial) A - Set
Moulding (Industrial) B - Set
Rubber pad (Industrial) - Set
Lamp (Industrial) A
Lamp (Industrial) B
Lamp End (Industrial) B

  • Fixed an issue where crafting 2x2 slot items did not take into account the item's actual size or if there was room for at least one
  • Tallium and Corium alloys added to T2 alloys
  • Removed station/moon foundations from places in crafting menu where they didn't belong
  • Added new Walkway Modules to the Research Tree:
Premade Walkway (XS)
Premade Walkway (Short)
Premade Walkway (Medium)
Premade Walkway (Long)
Premade Walkway End
Premade Walkway L-Turn
Premade Walkway T-Turn
Premade Walkway Ramp
Premade Walkway Ramp Extension
Walkway End B
Walkway End B (mirror)
Walkway Side (Short) B
Walkway Side (Medium) B
Walkway Side (Long) B
Walkway Turn Outside B
Walkway Turn Inside B
Walkway Side (Medium) A
Walkway Side (Long) A
Station Grid Frame 4x2x2 v1
Station Grid Frame 2x2x2 v1
Station Grid Frame 4x1.5x1.5 v1
Station Grid Frame Adapter: 2x2 - 1.5x1.5 v1

  • Added the possibility to unlock a node along with all its dependencies if the player has enough points
  • Fixed "Turret Cradle Advanced" requiring 2x2 space when it only needs 1x1
  • Large Generator parts added to crafting menu and research tree
  • Added Arclighter to research/crafting
  • Added Sentinel Rifle to research/crafting
  • Added ammo storage containers and support to research tree

  • Added support for filling nearby cable and pipe holograms with the Blueprint Filler
  • Fixed transferring to machines via the insurance menus in Esc > Insurance Transfer
  • Fixed issues with some devices, such as YOLOL panels, not being initialized properly
  • Towing Beam
    • If Towing Beam loses power, it remains off for at least 0.3 seconds
    • Fixed an issue where ship moves further and further away during a tow until it is eventually detached for being too far away
    • Fixed an issue where pointing a Towing Beam at a ship not owned by the Towing Beam's owner causes the beam to blink between locked and not locked status
    • Change Towing Beam's minimum locked range from 50 to 75
    • Towing Beam electricity consumption raised from 3 per 1000kg to 5 per 1000kg
  • Fixed an issue where generators were not able to provide power to the network as fast as they were supposed to
  • Added Speedometer, a simple device that reports its speed as a YOLOL field
  • Added Laser Tracker, same as the Laser Sensor that can already be found on the torpedo, but it attaches to the utility body 2S
  • Fixed an issue where equipping the bolt tool no longer highlighted bolts
  • Fixed an issue where bolts were not rendered in their correct lengths
  • Resource Bridge and Material Crates now work inside Factory Halls without requiring electricity
Easy Build Mode

  • Fixed an issue where selecting an item for Easy Build Mode placement just before opening the esc menu, caused the esc menu to stop working
  • Fixed an issue where the Easy Build Mode was unintentionally turned off
  • Fixed an issue where trying to snap anything requiring hard point connection to a hard point in Easy Build Mode freezed the first time and dropped framerate to 1 afterwards
  • Updated old beam assets and fixed snapping points
  • Fixed an issue where cradle parts detached or other items disappeared after bolting a cradle to a turntable
  • Fixed an issue where pointing at an object that has no priority snaps in it while holding a module that does use them caused severe frame rate drops
  • Added a toolbar to Easy Build Mode. Currently the toolbar has a button for opening the building budget of the station
  • Added a feature that shows how many copies of held object are available for use
  • 3 new and 27 updated Easy Build Mode area module icons
  • Station Easy Build Mode now stays on for some distance beyond the edge of a build zone
  • Fixed an issue where spamming parts at a large station area caused the game to crash
  • Fixed an issue where the game froze when line placing parts at a large station and the line placement goes over a station area
  • Fixed an issue where corner pieces could not be placed inside a factory area


  • Fixed an issue where player hitboxes were not working correctly
  • Fixed an issue where dead endoskeleton's armors were turned into "default" appearance after dead player respawned
  • Fixed an issue where Magnetic Boots caused framerate drops
  • Fixed an issue where getting killed while seated on a pilot chair with no space to exit leaves you in control of the ship
  • Added more chat messages for different Insurance Transfer failures
  • Fixed item container syncing problems when an item was removed
  • Added LODs to e.g. bolts and cables.
  • Fixed an issue where the station's inventory remained accessible even when the station was resigned
  • Fixed an issue where laser effects got stuck and went turbo when firing at LODs
  • Optimizations to Ship Modular Generator LOD
  • Improved the LOD distance of modular cargo crates
  • Updated LODs for fuelrods
  • Improved the LOD optimization of modular ship generators
  • Added optimizations to thruster LODs
  • Thunder sound effect has been implemented to asteroid belts
  • Fixed an error that occurred immediately after booting up the game
  • Fixed an error where shooting at a station that has damageable parts generated and safe zone disabled causes persistent effect and audio loop for the projectiles' lifetime
  • Optimizations to modular generator fuel chamber LODs
  • Optimizations to thruster LODs
  • Adjusted floor panel LOD distances
  • Improved modular ore cargo crate LODs
  • Improved generator enhancers' LOD optimization
  • Improved radiator LODs
  • Fixed an issue where the player character was briefly T-posing upon spawning
  • Fixed an issue where the safe zone border visualization didn't match the actual position of the safe zone border
  • Fixed an issue where ship LODs did not update when spawning them after a repair
  • Manual welding added to Welding Tool. Switch tool mode (default "z") to use weld blocks. Switch between large and small weld block with mouse wheel.

  • Tooltip clarifications for material crates and resource bridges
  • Fixed an issue where unsellable items could be sold at the auction house through right click context menu
  • Fixed an issue where players were not able to auction entity items in bulk
  • Added unique icons to various terminal items
  • Fixed 2x2 entity items acting as 1x1 in backpack

  • The icon is now much smaller and can be repositioned like other HUD elements
  • The icon is now clickable to toggle the state
  • Chatlog message sent from binding and unbinding to ships
  • Options cleaned and simplified

  • Increased the amount of mineable large asteroids (knows as T9 and T10) in all asteroid belts
  • Large mineable asteroids (known as T9 and T10) now spawn near Origins and edges of the Eos belt
  • Asteroids added to all moon belts
  • Reduced the amount of random variance in moon mining to avoid large areas with no ore spawning at all
  • Added new tengium ore textures

  • Added a grid based check to module placement to avoid gaps between objects from forming. Existing gaps are not affected, and some gaps may appear if you attach objects to other objects that have already have been offset. Removing enough of the problematic pieces and placing them again may fix existing gaps
  • Fixed an issue where an error showed up when recycling station modules consisted of multiple parts
  • Added generator enhancer modules to Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 generator nodes
Priority snap points

  • Improved snapping with various items. Priority snap points added to some items which should increase the intended snapping behaviour. One additional snapping mode added to snap toggle (default C) so there are now three modes:
    • "on" - All snap points are searched and should be the best experience in almost all cases.
    • "prio off" - Only normal snap points are searched, prio snap points are not used. In this mode snapping should behave like it has behaved before priority snap points.
    • "off" - No snapping at all.
  • List of items with priority snap points:
    • Device Hardpoint
    • Large Hardpoint
    • Large Hardpoint Corner
    • Box Thruster Body Tier 1 (snaps to hardpoints)
    • Box Thruster Body Tier 2 (snaps to hardpoints)
    • Box Thruster Body Tier 3 (snaps to hardpoints)
    • Maneuver Thruster Tier 1 (snaps to hardpoints)
    • Maneuver Thruster Tier 2 (snaps to hardpoints)
    • Maneuver Thruster Tier 3 (snaps to hardpoints)
    • Triangle Thruster Base Tier 1 (snaps to hardpoints)
    • Triangle Thruster Base Tier 2 (snaps to hardpoints)
    • Triangle Thruster Base Tier 3 (snaps to hardpoints)
    • Cargo Lock Beam (snaps to hardpoints)
    • Radiator Base (snaps to hardpoints)
    • Rangefinder (snaps to hardpoints)
    • Resource Bridge (snaps to hardpoints)
    • Coolant Recharge Rack (snaps to hardpoints)
    • Generator Cooling Rack
    • Small Cooling Cell (snaps to recharge rack and cooling rack)
    • Generator Fuel Chamber Tier 1
    • Generator Fuel Chamber Tier 2
    • Generator Fuel Chamber Tier 3
    • Small Fuel Rod Rack
    • Tier 1 Generator Fuel Rod (snaps to fuel chambers and fuel rod rack)
    • Tier 2 Generator Fuel Rod (snaps to fuel chambers and fuel rod rack)
    • YOLOL Rack Chip Slot (2 Slots)
    • YOLOL Rack Chip Slot (3 Slots)
    • Advanced YOLOL Chip (snaps to rack chip slots)
    • Basic YOLOL Chip (snaps to rack chip slots)
    • Professional YOLOL Chip (snaps to rack chip slots)
    • YOLOL Memory Chip (snaps to rack chip slots)
Ship Designer

  • Added windows layer opacity options to settings menu
  • Fixed an issue where containers such as propellant tanks did not show their values in edit mode
  • Hidden layers are now properly ignored in snapping, after visiting test mode
  • Added crafting bench upgrades
  • Ship designer material colors adjusted to be more colorful instead of greyish
  • Copy-paste option has been added to Ship Designer's YOLOL editor
    • Copy allows you to either copy the whole content (when no lines are selected) or a single line (when a line selected)
    • Paste supports multiple lines and pasting to multiple chips
  • Added materials and alloy icons to the material selector: Alium, Baltium, Bastonium, Exutium and Glass
  • Move and rotate tool options for selections now has colored XYZ icons
  • Added text informing players of object placement or movement being canceled when target position would go outside of the build area
  • Navigation Data Logger parts added, located in Devices/ Navigation
  • Manual welding added. Large and small weld blocks added to Welding Tool. Manual welding can be used to attach any objects to each other, not just beams.
  • Large Generator parts added to asset browser
  • Allow any relative beam angles when considering which beams can be parts of the ship frame

  • Fixed an issue where Main Flight Computer and Flight Control Unit were not working unless there was another device in the network
  • Fixed an issue where ship owner with "host owned ships ON" loses controls to ship if the ship is hosted by other client with "host owned ships OFF"
  • Fixed an issue where all loose items not part of the ships blob were left behind, if ship repair was started from the repair panel, and upon the ship respawning, all remaining items in the area were deleted without warning
  • Fixed an issue where all items in the ship respawning area were deleted without warning when repairing a ship via the repair panel
  • Fixed an issue where pilot chair device binds stopped working when doing multiple inputs with hybrid buttons
  • "Allow ship to leave Safe Zone", "Allow towing in Safe Zone" and "Disable safe mode" settings are now configured in the Ships tab instead of the Settings menu. This now allows configuring these settings for each ship separately.
  • The safe zone settings of a ship are now tied to ships instead of clients
  • Fixed an issue where large ships caused severe performance issues when initially starting the game
  • Reduced first impact collision damage for ships going under 25m/s by a lot
  • First impacts above 25m/s cause a bit less damage to the ship
  • Fixed an issue where ships violently vibrated at end of warp travel if they were not permitted to exit safe zone
  • Added default leave safe zone, tow in safe zone and disable safe mode settings
  • Added a button to apply default settings to all owned ships
  • New collision sounds
  • Fixed an issue where smallest ships (mass less than 100) did not make collision sounds
  • Spaceship window plates primary material changed to "Glass"
  • Fast Travel Gate Core is no longer required in order to use Fast Travel Gates
  • Increased Large Propellant tank capacity from 9 million to 12 million units

Ship shops

  • Added lesWAV CLBH-1 Leporinus player-made ship
  • Added Arkhonus Larve player-made ship
  • Updated 16 Red Chains player-made ship
  • Added lesWAV CLBH-1 Leporinus (spaceship_ssc_leswav_leswavclbh1) ship to Rando 4 ship shop
  • Updated Serf, Protoporos Basic, Protoporos Mapmaker, Protoporos Salvager and Protoporos Hauler dev-made ships
  • Changed name and description of ship: Serf -> Serf Scooter
  • Ship shops and Ship Designer now ask for the alloy material directly from the player
  • Updated the names and descriptions of the following developer made ships:
    • Pincer -> Pincer Forklift
    • Carrier -> Carrier Freighter
  • Added Sphyrdinae player-made ship
  • Updated Larve, 10 Flying Arrow, 22 the Heavens, 30 Allons Danser, Hexxer, Rigger, Rocker, Rocker Duo, Shifter, Stocker, Ghidorah, Apito and Namib player-made ships
  • Updated descriptions of Trident C512, Trident C250 and R-17 Recolter player-made ships
  • Updated description and changed name:
    • Peon -> Peon Prospector
    • Vector - Vector Shuttle
  • Updated the following player-made ships:

  • Updated the description and the name of:
Kodiak -> Kodiak Racer

  • Laborer, Laborer module 2 and Kodiak have been returned to economy
  • Updated Mason and Zilant developer-made ships
  • Updated Ghidorah, TAC Eclipse, Firefly and Sphyrdinae player-made ships
  • Changed name and description of:
Mason -> Mason Drillship

  • Added to Duratech ship shops:
Frigg B

  • Removed from Duratech ship shops:
DTX-FAR3-A Faradagr A
Sinthgut DTX-SGT5-A
DTX-NGL4-A Notnagel A

  • Updated Ulfberht player-made ship
  • Added Mapmaker to the red developer ship shop
  • Updated Ghidorah, Ulfberht and PM-160 player-made ships
  • Updated Anubis Ore Freighter developer-made ship
  • Added a warning to all ship shop terminals that the ships might not be fully functional and up to date
  • Updated Atolla, Batfish, Skipjack, Manta DC, Buffalo, Dynastinae Maximus, Komatsu, Komatsu T2, The Sky Walker, Blood Hound V4 Plasma and Blood Hound V4 Auto
Ship repair hall

  • Fixed an issue where extra items were not sometimes transferred to station storage when repairing ships that you do not own, but can operate
  • Added more info on the repair terminal screen if something isn't working

  • Fixes for turrets and other linked/jointed entities in factory halls and stations
  • Merged "Access" and "Construction" columns into "Permissions" column in the Stations tab
  • Fixed an issue where entering stations with factories caused errors
  • Fixed an issue where multiple foundations in one station resulted in errors
  • The area of a station that is founded is now centered on the foundation's center
  • Added a system log message to inform players of prohibited double foundation placement
  • Added a feature to reclaim abandoned stations of any type. Entering an abandoned station's area creates a pop-up where you can claim them.
    • Resigned, docked Capital Ships can only be claimed if you are owner of the station where they are docked in
  • Factory Halls are now cleared of all content when a station is resigned
    • Mention of this was added in the station resignation screen
  • Window plates primary material changed to "Glass"
  • In Settings -> Graphics -> Stations, there is now option to set how many zones can be loaded in at once. The choice is between 2 to 5 zones.
  • If GPU memory is about to run out, zones start unloading to avoid issues
  • Added new developer stations to the universe
    • Added Robur Station close to the Origin Fast Travel Gate - An easy-to-access PVP station with an infinite insurance transfer range and shared inventory and Auction House with Origin stations
    • Added Farbelt Outpost station to the edge of the Eos asteroid belt
    • Added a new Fast Travel Gate connection from the Elysium Moon to the outer edge of the Eos asteroid belt, near the new Farbelt Outpost station
  • Increased max stations a player can have from 3 to 4
  • Added a feedback message when trying to remove items while station inventory is full

  • Added station permission icon for resource adjustments
  • New look for Vokarium ore and raw ore UI icon
  • Updated the materials window UI for alloys
  • Updated raw Ukonium ore and UI icon
  • Added an option in graphics settings to disable and enable the bloom effects in-game
  • Added settings for enabling/disabling player relation icons
  • Added raw tengium ore ui icon
  • Fixed some tutorial pop-ups not being clickable without placing an object in Easy Build Mode

  • Fixed an issue where players were able to pick up active missiles
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Torpedo Warhead to explode before it was fully repaired
  • Increased Mounted Plasma Cannon projectile speed from 600 to 800 m/s
  • Increased Mounted Plasma Cannon Projectile Energy from 1053 to 1120
  • Fixed an issue where picking up ammo from the world reloads the weapon immediately without the reload animation
  • Reduced crafting costs of all ship mounted weapons and adjusted Rail Cannon crafting material types
  • Fixed an issue where players were able to keep shooting without reloading by swapping an empty magazine to a full one from the inventory
  • Fixed an issue where weapon was raised to aiming state when held inactively and right clicking in Easy Build Mode
  • Lowered Antigel Rifles base damage from 30 to 25

  • Fixed a crash that occured in specific modulus operations due to integer overflow
  • Fixed an issue where YOLOL did not catch a runtime error

Known issues

  • MOON MINING does not work, will need a hotfix patch!
  • Weld blocks can be placed overlapping each other. This is fixed but not in this live patch. Possibly in an upcoming hotfix.
  • After placing weld blocks and saving the bluperint, placed weld blocks can not be selected after loading the blueprint again. This is fixed but not in this live patch. Possibly in an upcoming hotfix.
  • The new warp gate connection gates may not show the warp option in the entire gate's area, requiring moving around to get the option to show
  • The game crashes when quickly toggling flash light after entering the game. This will be fixed in the coming hotfix.
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Well-known endo
Feb 18, 2020
Oh my, that is one hell of an update... Awesome!
Thanks to all of you, and hope you'll be able to get back to working on SB at full power soon! ^^


Veteran endo
Apr 20, 2020
omg, here it is
with infinite height
moon base here we go

and so much more, I don't even know where to start...
now I only need time to get started...

and well, good luck with further developing the game, wish you all the best


Learned-to-sprint endo
Dec 7, 2021
how in the world do you make the station recon machines work? i still dont know how


Learned-to-sprint endo
Nov 17, 2019
Huh interesting :hmmm:, let's hope like others have said you return to full force development after this :)
Lovely stuff tho<333


Veteran endo
Jun 13, 2020
How will ship shop updates work after this? I have a lot of ships I need to update thanks to the new manual welds.
Apr 26, 2022
How do i update blueprints that are exclusively designed in the editor? Been waiting on this feature patiently because the update makes all my enhancers invalid, i was counting on being able to update the blueprint in the editor where i made it and "repair" the copys i have in the game to the new updated blueprint, Is the only way to update them now to literally by hand ingame?

Am i missing something here? pls help
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Veteran endo
Jun 22, 2021
Since we - including the possible returning players - need to refit all our ships with heatsinks we need this:

-Every existing ship prior to the update those aren't stored in a dev station (like origin) receives a 1 time only free tow ticket no matter where or how far the ships are.
-Every existing ship prior to the update receives a 1 time only free reassembly ticket to reassemble the ship to a chosen blueprint. You only have to pay for extra parts if you don't have them of course. The ship must be fully repaired before being able to use the special reassembly ticket.


Aug 9, 2019
how in the world do you make the station recon machines work? i still dont know how
i had some discussions on that in #station-design on discord if you scroll a bit up, should help with getting those to work. Basically same as on capital ships.


Veteran endo
Jun 25, 2021
just use Stop wasting dev time updating player ships. In the long run the shops should be a building that players can craft on their own station and update the stock themselves.
But that doesn't work well if all we want is other player fly our creations for free. I have ships in the ship shop. I don't want to share my BP with everyone though, that ship shop suit my purpose. It is sad that they struggle to keep it updated. If devs don't have the time to do it why not let someone from outside the company do it?


Veteran endo
Jun 13, 2020
just use Stop wasting dev time updating player ships. In the long run the shops should be a building that players can craft on their own station and update the stock themselves.
That’s not what I’m asking, sorry about that. Let me be a little clearer.
I am trying to ask a question about how the recent news will affect the way Ship Shop Ships are updated. Since I almost essentially own one of the ship shops, I want to make sure my ships can work now. The biggest reason for this would be the addition of manual welds, which I’ve been waiting for approximately twenty-eight million four hundred twenty-five thousand and six hundred seconds to be added.

I would also love to say that this inquiry (see initial comment) was mainly addressed to the devs, however, I would also like to say that if another player knows anything I’d be happy to have their knowledge known to me.

Before I conclude mine own response, I would like to sayeth your whilst thy answer, 'r as some would speak, thy reply, wast most an answer, oh the woe, thy didst not prop'rly answer to mine own inquiry to the devs (also known as developers). I appreciate an attempt at assistance, and whilst thee has't valorous intentions, t'was ultimately not helpful. Thank thee, howev'r.

On a final note, mine Endoskeleton siblings, 01010111 01100101 11100010 10000000 10011001 01110010 01100101 00100000 01101110 01101111 00100000 01110011 01110100 01110010 01100001 01101110 01100111 01100101 01110010 01110011 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01101100 01101111 01110110 01100101 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01101011 01101110 01101111 01110111 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01110010 01110101 01101100 01100101 01110011 00100000 01100001 01101110 01100100 00100000 01110011 01101111 00100000 01100100 01101111 00100000 01001001 00100000. In other words, - .-. -.-- / ..-. .. -. --. . .-. --..-- / -... ..- - / .... --- .-.. . .-.-.-