Starbase STU Update 10.07.2024 - STU Build 1000045


Aug 9, 2019

Patch notes:
  • Station blueprints now have a max file size, so the very biggest of stations may not be able to be saved or used to replace stations anymore.
    • As such, very large stations may get the "Station too large to perform blueprint operation." error, even if otherwise within building budget limits.
    • However, we have optimized station data usage slightly, with more significant tweaks to come in the future, so the max limits shouldn't be so easy to reach.
    • If you run into the error now, we ask for your patience as we will alleviate this issue in the future with further fixes
  • Fixed using reconstruction machine sometimes sending players in middle of Eos.
  • Optimized station areas to unload when enough damaged modules are present to prevent performance issues.
  • Damaged station modules are removed after losing 60% of their contents to prevent performance issues.
  • Applied minor fixes and additional logging for the issue where players would not see each other.
    • If you come across with players in the area not loading for you, please make an F1 ticket as this will provide us with info on this situation and please include information such as time when this happened and name of the user that is in the "shadow realm" from your perspective.
  • Fixed replacing station with a blueprint causing the station and its modules to stop functioning normally.
    • Previously made blueprints will remain broken and still cause issues.
  • Added Laser Rifle, Energy cell, Weapon Crafting Benches and its upgrades to the cheat tab (STU Only).