Starbase's Top Issues #2: Ghost Inventory and Inventory Bugs


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Aug 9, 2019

These issues are not in a specific order; I definitely rank some higher than others but that's not the point. The main point of the issues I present are how when a player encounters these situations, it causes a lot of frustration with no easy workaround to the problem. Players will find a way, if there is a way. But sometimes there's not, and sometimes the behavior of the game is so different than what is expected that it greatly diminishes the experience.


Notice: Valkite Ore in my backpack, though I have no materials in my inventory. I've cleaned out my equipment a lot since running into this issue. Random bolts, stacks of hydrogen or electricity, and random ship parts will sometimes accumulate. The worst part is when you're trying to pick up something important; I've tried to pick up many ship weapon barrels, either to have the item disappear, or go into my ghost inventory where I had to sell it at the marketplace later instead of being able to actually use the item.

Due to the “physical” world of Starbase, issues with inventory should be highly prioritized. Currently, if you pick up many items or cycle many items into your inventory and out into the game world, you may accumulate items that you’ve picked up - but sometimes, these items don’t show up in your backpack. These items are visible at the Marketplace equipment terminal, but you can not use them, move them into your station, or do anything other than sell them directly from the terminal. This requires paying attention to what is in your ghost inventory and what is actually available to you as a player.


This is very problematic when picking up important items and instead of having access to them, the item now disappears and you have no way to get it back. This occurs often with Basic Crafting Benches, Weapon Barrels, and certain ammo, but I've seen it happen with just about anything.

These ghost inventory items don’t just disappear, they also continue to add mass to the player when it comes to ship propulsion calculations, giving players who aren’t aware of the situation a much slower ship speed if they don’t clean out their inventory. It is possible to accumulate many hundreds of kg on the player ghost inventory, rendering ships sluggish for no apparent reason.


Note: My "mining backpack" weight was 229865 in the first screenshot; removing a Tool and Weapon Crafting Bench (top right corner) from my inventory "increased" my backpack weight to 307862 - why, I have no idea. The number here is probably a bug in itself since the density value has changed, and may not interact with anything actual in the game world, but it's not ideal behavior.

Problem: Picking up items doesn’t always place the item in the player backpack; sometimes the item is picked up and removed from the game world, added to the player character, but is no longer accessible or retrievable outside of selling from the terminal.

Solution: This is basically a bug report, but the important part is that inventory in Starbase should be highly prioritized. These issues are easily overlooked but cause huge disappointment in players when they think they've secured an item, only to find out that they don't actually have it.
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