Warp Gate Question(s) and STU Question


Master endo
Aug 9, 2019
First I am glad to see major production is back on, I have big hopes for this game. Secondly, it has been a long time since I been back on the game and had a couple questions.

1. Last time I played we used a warp gate to get to the moon from the origin area. Is that still a thing? I already know about the personal warp drives on all ships, used them and enjoyed them. This was a great added feature, imo at least. But the advanced distances of the planets from origin and each other makes me wonder if there is or will be similar style warp jumps from like 2 years ago, or will this type of distant jumping be more of a capital ship thing? A friend and I tried this 2 days ago with a fast cruiser we bought out of the shop on the STU and came to conclusion after an hour that this was a very timely and ineffective way to traveling to the planets. I could be wrong on numbers, this is mostly a guess but it feels like it would take about 30-40 regular war jumps to get to the closest planet to origin with a time of about 150-200 minutes of charging wait and another 60-80 minutes of jump time making it about 3-5.5 hours hours of time with all the jumps. Now even this feels like I have drastically underestimated the time but I am guessing since we never even got a quarter of the way and decided to abandon the run due to the time it would take. Any info to elaborate or correct my info would be much appreciated.

2. For those that are coming back, is everyone flocking to the STU or live, or both? I know the numbers are very low but were basically checking out the new stuff on STU but are wondering if most people coming back are posting up on live?


Veteran endo
Feb 13, 2020
1) Warp gate still exists to the first moon. Doesn't even require an extra component anymore (Fast Travel Core). Other moons you're better off buying the coordinates of off someone (Navigation Chip/Nav Chip), though ship warp makes it more feasible.
2) Both (with a focus on live I'd say).