What am I missing now in the game


Well-known endo
Aug 19, 2021
What do I miss in starbase from small things:
1. Give access to the station or capital ship to all members of the faction
2. Divide your inventory at the station or capital ship into your groups
3. As the owner of the ship or station, I want to give other players the ability to invite other players to my stations and ships.
4. Trade between people outside the stations
5. The creation of not only capital ships but also the creation of warp gates for the faction (Let it cost very, very, very expensive)
6. There is not enough thermal radar with a range of up to 100 km to search for ships and a variety of PVP.
7. there is not enough radar to search for stations of other players with a range of up to 250 km.
8. Their ship hangars have to be built too large, which interferes with the visual appearance of the capital ships. Maybe it's worth changing the mechanics just to a beam of a small radius emanating from the ship and when you meet this beam, you can turn off the ship
9. The shield of stations outside the safe zone. It seems to me that it is better to remove them and make them a separate device so that the shield works, resources are needed to diversify pvp as well
10. Protection of ships, stations from outgoing heat and shields. If a shield is turned on at the station, the shield emits energy that can be seen using radar. The ship in motion emits heat that can be shielded, which will make the radar readings not accurate. You can introduce heat traps and pseudo shields


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Aug 31, 2021
5) absolutely not. it's unrealistic to find other players right now. this is due to the fact that, unfortunately, the mechanics of searching and scanning the warp trail of capital have not been added to the game. if you add a warp gate, it will simplify the game even more, and it will become absolutely impossible to find someone.
in addition, the easier it is to earn money, the faster the game will die. there must be a balance between risk and reward. now there is almost no balance, and if you add a warp gate, it will get even worse

8) yes, ship hangars are another ugliness, as well as nets of safezones, it all needs to be changed