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Вавилон 5, Lexx, Андромеда, Стар трек, Орвилл, Звездный крейсер Галактика, Светлячок: Звездная одиссея, Пространство, Звёздные врата: ЗВ‑1, Далеко во Вселенной, Чёрная материя и много много много ещё =)
Gmod+Wiremod+Acf veteran
Space engineers veteran
Just hopped in the Starbase wagon !
An older person that's been around online gaming since well before there was an Internet (started in 1975). Happily retired from the corporate world and living in the middle of nowhere.
Hey, I saw your post about missing asteroids and honestly, I understand your problems very much.
I would be willing to give you a small credit boost so that you may afford a ship like the Worker Ant (which is great for the start).
Hit me up if you are interested.

I don't know, I didn't get any messages, I was busy trying to do the tutorial to get the new sustainability reward,

I sent a ticket to say I had a problem because I was not receiving the reward

then i was banned
Starbase is out and it's actually pretty good
It's been a long road here, but there's still plenty to look forward to
I never imagined that mining space rocks with a pickaxe would be such a relaxing way to spend my time
game cool.
much excite.
cost not matter.
WND coming from lego space game to lego space game if suggestions were implemented by the dev.
Hoping the devs accept me for the alpha, that would be kind of awesome :)
Not long until its out on EA, but hope you can get your hands on it sooner to test it out.