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    Plz add SHIP RECYCLING device

    Look at the top of the roadmap: Refineries Converting gas into different materials Furnaces that smelt salvage into gas So it is "planned" but as we haven't seen anything on it yet don't expect it anytime soon.
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    The blueprint system is killing this game

    The SSC was intended to be part of a construction loop, with the blueprint projectors and what not. The current problem simply stems from the SSC being polished, with the rest of the game not being where it should be to relieve the SSC from its status as the de facto ship printer. I even wrote...
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    Make research matter, not tech unlocks.

    just use a different nozzle/body combination and you get anything between T1 and T3 thrust. Problem is common sense dictates that you can't actually make everything out of one material. You can make a look-alike, yes, but a working machine for example requires structure material and anything...
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    The blueprint system is killing this game

    If the SSC being the best part of the game is a problem... why not polish the rest of the game up to the point where the activities are similar in quality. As far as I can tell, the BP system is the only way of actually progressing currently, as flying, mining and fighting gets you only so far...
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    Is the game still being worked on? If so, could you post an update on whats to come?

    And if we can expect anything it will probably be small things here or there, possibly even just as placeholders.
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    stations and capital ship permissions

    And as for the reason: It is easier to implement a whitelist as a placeholder system than it is to implement a group-based one.
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    The problem with a persistent universe and player onboarding/Origin Stations

    I would vote against an official role for helping players, as that is enough "power" to make some people drunk with it, more so if it is remunerated. Having public help forums and possibly an improved chat range for station chat on origin is probably better.
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    Stuck in Main Menu ( Waiting for Servers P,B,I,S,U

    Family sharing is the cause of the servers not loading then, as it has been "banned" for this game to fix the loophole of people using it to get around bans.
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    heat problem

    looks like another form of "generate data locally but don't let the server know" or in more words: you don't save the heat values but generate them when the ship loads and keep those while it is active, but something changes the values while you are using the ship, so generating the values anew...
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    Mission System / PvE Elements

    Have to agree that missions will probably not fit that well into the game, even if I previously posted on their ease of implementation. Even the one mission that I think is viable to be implemented in a short time could just as easily be done by changing the base price (what the "NPC" ore...
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    Mission System / PvE Elements

    To be fair, I call the ore terminals NPCs, and in terms of what they would need to achieve (providing missions and checking for completion) that is all that would be needed: a list of tasks and the option to accept and to return to get your money and maybe do another mission. I think the...
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    Community Resources

    I found that Elysium surface is Bastium, Haderite, Aegisium as somewhat common Kutonium (this one maybe common as well), Ymrium and Lukium as uncommon and Arkanium as rare, as far as I can tell. The craters have Xhalium, Ymrium, Lukium, Haderite, Karnite and Nhurgite, forgot if Kutonium...
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    silly endos, and market sales

    They've been shooting themselves in the foot for months. Probably because they don't know the existence of the sell terminals in the market or on the ore towers. Also a reason why I have piece of paper with all base prices to compare the market to :b
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    capital ship part problem

    I never said it would be efficient. And if we were to take the base price offered by the Ore terminals (essentially the minimal material price), always rounding up to full stacks: 14x7620,48=106686,72 10x3787,41=37874,10 8x9797,76=78382,08 7x544,32=3810,24 7x870,91=6096,37 7x4354,56=30481,92...
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    capital ship part problem

    I think that is an issue about modules not really fitting in with the backpack inventory or being easily placeable. As far as I know, transporting them is out of the question (if anyone knows how, please correct me). You should, however, be able to at least recoup some of your losses by selling...