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    My thoughts on the current direction of the game.

    But there aren't enough of you to support the rest of the playerbase. It's a fallacy inherent in a lot of games and they all wither when they cling to the idea that grind is a replacement for gameplay.
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    My thoughts on the current direction of the game.

    ETA on Flexible welds? Station and Capitalship Designer? Please?
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    Manual Beam Welding - Requesting feedback on a design suggestion for replacing attachment plates

    My only gripe is some designs, where you're working with angles in 2 axes or where you can't use the longest beams means your structural stability is reduced. AP's and bolts appear to be the only option for increasing this to a safe level. I've got a desgn to complete and trail which might make...
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    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 13 (2021)

    Looking good, firm hands shakes all round.(y)
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    Everything Pivots on Hinges.

    Well that's a shame but it keeps my hopes for gundams alive atleast.
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    Everything Pivots on Hinges.

    It's something I must have missed just to confirm, we have dynamic hinges for stations? Because Mass Effect's station is on my fantasy to build list. Well, off to theory crafting in lieu of access for ship and station designs.
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    Thoughts from Engi's/Programmers and everyone! ( YOLOL )

    One thing to try would be to issue landing permits to clear landing pads on a station. Or sending a message to follow a defined route for landing (i.e. under the watchful gase of a defence array).
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    Ship combat is missing something

    It sounds like a radar lock/target overview is needed, we've seen them in just about every space sim. have a sensor required and if equipped the ability to radar scan the vicinity and 'lock' the selected target. The dev's could then leave it free aim but give you some simple feedback on the...
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    Everything Pivots on Hinges.

    I'm hoping to see hinges be an item in the ship or station construction because X-Wings are always cool but self assembling Rubic snakes are something i'd love to try and make. we have seen rotating turrets so pivots are already possible. This one addition, if not already in the game could...
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    If you would see a Space Station somewhere, would you attack it or scout it out first? Or would you do something completely different?

    I'd head straight to the bar to swap tall ales, tales and tips. Why wouldn't you?
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    To all engineers: What will YOU try to achieve in StarBase?

    I'm looking to build replica's of Sci-Fi ships we've read about but never seen. In addition to that i'm hoping hinges will be a thing so that Battletech/Gundams or Go-Bots might get a renaissance in Starbase. I'm really just looking to explore the limits of what we can do. Particuarly...