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    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 47 (2021) - Player station insight

    I really hope the Billboard, lamps, and furniture will be available for the SSC, don’t want the SSC to left behind thanks to pointless restrictions on what we can and can’t use, like the old column pieces.
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    Voronoi-Based Armour

    I should probably post this here, but I have tried asking Ville about this! Though, I would like to try to ask Ville again, as this was a long time ago. I would try to, but I would suspect Ville has their DMs closed, same with Lauri and other devs.
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    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 45 (2021) - Insight into the next steps for Capital Ships

    I really hope we can get these levers for ships! It'd be great to have a lever that isn't massive.
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    Free Ships For All!

    I've just released a version of the Ulfberht which has a much faster fire rate, this will be friendlier for newer pilots
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    Ship Shop Instructions

    your best bet is to reach out to one of the community managers in discord, such as Dusty, Ellu, Aura, Mith, and Kale
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    Free Ships For All!

    The Ulfberht has been updated to work on the PTU, if you haven't already fixed it, then I suggest downloading the updated version here. Additionally, you can join my discord if you prefer to see updates there.
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    Free Ships For All!

    Quick warning, there's been an update to the PTU that causes an overlap problem with some thin floor plates. I'll try to get it fixed tomorrow before the event. If you want to fix it yourself you can just enable this setting to see what's overlapping.
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    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 42 (2021)

    I hope that the test fly deed won’t let people steal blueprints again. But otherwise? This is pretty cool.
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    Free Ships For All!

    If anyone downloaded the Ulfberht, that version had a power problem that I've fixed. If you're looking to fix the power problem for a version you already downloaded, to fix an older version, find a YOLOL chip that connects to the FRL buttons on the left side and change the lower value to 50
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    Does playerbase care about easy-build mode?

    Honestly, EBM just needs to be an after thought compared to stuff like factories and the SSC. From what I’ve seen so far, EBM seems to be a higher priority than the actual SSC. This would also be relevant
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    Easy Build Mode Makes Me Cry

    Great! So (just to get some more info) will we be able to get a vision/insight of what it would look like compared to the current SSC, or will it just be EBM with SSC controls?
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    Easy Build Mode Makes Me Cry

    As the title says, I don't like Easy Build Mode(EBM). It's a cool idea to help players from SE or Rust easily transition to SB. However, I don't like how it's taking over station design and especially Capital ship design. I'm worried about the testing/experiment feeling will be gone if capital...
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    Actual armor plates.

    I personally don't like the idea of dedicated armour plates. When I look at the SB plates, I want to be able to stack/layer plates and make a composite armour myself. Though, the current system discourages that heavily.
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    Free Ships For All!

    Quick update! I've made an Imgur gallery so you can see what each ship looks like. I've also added a new ship, the B-17!
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    Free Ships For All!

    So after some thought, I've decided to release almost all of my ships to the public! This pack will include 20 ships that people are free to use! Here's the pack, and the current "flagship" ship would be the Ulfberht, a ship which I've updated for EA and to be more user-friendly. It's...