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    Im Nex (The helper)

    I would like to create a section of this community that builds neutral bases and creates automated systems to help newer space travelers. My idea is to create a good middle ground between pve and pvp so we can end up with a good social environment with the thrills of PVP and PVE while killing...
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    Thoughts from Engi's/Programmers and everyone! ( YOLOL )

    (I noticed the YOLOL Category too late and cant seem to delete so admin feel free to move topic or delete.) In other news, Im sure that they wouldn't let you auto target moving objects. But I feel like we could do an early warning system for proximity to the base. Possibly automated hails or...
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    Thoughts from Engi's/Programmers and everyone! ( YOLOL )

    I work in Networking and me and a few friends from work coming up with some crazy ideas for automation. It is kind of hard to figure out what is feasible yet in the game but some ideas come to mind. -Ship building -Defense arrays -Early Warning Def systems -Auto Pilot cargo transport -and...