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    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 39 (2021) - Moon Bases and Mining status update

    Man I really hope this brings some people back. Its a ghost town right now.
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    EA Update 20.8.2021 (Early Access Build 560)

    I have actually been missing my Durability tool, ngl.
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    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 32 (2021)

    Oh my yes. Looking forward to the new tripods.
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    Xhalium, has anyone found it?

    If it was in the game, you would see a single stack of it for sale by itself in the AH.....for 420 billion credits.
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    ISAN Version 2 Is Out!

    What is the max range currently?
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    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 29 (2021)

    You go to any terminal in Origin and tow it. Its not expensive. If you happen to do it over and over you probably won't get a lot of sympathy. Any vehicle you own in the sz (safe zone) can be towed for a fee. If its in pvp space you can't tow it. Your starter ship can't be taken out of sz...
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    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 29 (2021)

    VFX work on the new upcoming Tripod variants has been started Ooooh yea.
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    Only a dream? An endless Universe like Elite Dangerous

    Endless is relative. If it would take you decades just to explore the local system due to how long it takes to travel in ships and warp gates, then it is effectively "endless". You don't need a thousand planets if traveling from one moon to another is measured in weeks of time and only when...
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    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 28 (2021)

    More melee weapons when?
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    Space combat is primitive?

    They may have been VERY new in those ships and they were both moving fairly slow for combat. Not sure they have ever flown those ships before. Most fights I have been in were a bit faster that and a lot more maneuverable. These two were most likely just horsing around. A lot of the times...
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    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 27 (2021)

    Yay new ships to check out. Wonder when we will get warp gates to those new areas. Right now i don't have the 2 or 3 days to log in at a time and visit them.
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    [POLL] What Would You Want to Do Most in Combat?

    They are pretty bad. Movement is slow and not intuitive at all. It would be a bit better with a mouse but even then the lagginess of the controls and the inability to catch up to a fast moving target makes them almost useless. Also armoring them is almost impossible so even light weapons fire...
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    [POLL] What Would You Want to Do Most in Combat?

    Almost unusable at the best of times and absolutely useless at the worst. Turret systems have a long way to go. We are all hoping tripods fix large ship combat but they might just make small ships even more OP.
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    The downfall of Starbase