1. Diezer

    capital ship part problem

    i make all my capital ship part in origin 27 but can't scrap or carry,drop the item ty for help
  2. Paint Brush in Advanced Build Mode

    Is anyone else having issues with the paint brush in advance build mode? I cant seem to get it to paint beams, and when I use it on things like ore crates it only changes the secondary colors. Not sure if this is a bug or a new feature that I just have not figured out yet.
  3. Sejd

    Ship steers like crazy but only when accelerating, its all good when flying.

    So, basically i dont understand whats happening. I have built myself an asteroid hauler, the Centre of Mass and Centre of Thrust are perfectly in line. When i test the ship in the Test Mode inside Ship Designer it accelerates perfectly straight. When i buy the ship and accelerate its also...
  4. Saltylelele

    State of SB - An Alpha player's point of view.

    DISCLAIMER: I am a day-1 alpha player, and racked up 1700+hrs on the alpha build. I have 300+ hours on the main game. Why this little? I'll get into that in a bit. Everything here will be influenced by previous experience with the game and Frozenbyte. Second; I am not a native English speaker /...
  5. Unbuildable Area within my SafeZone Station, station modules refuse to be placed anywhere.

    With the last update my secondary station has lost most of it's factory hall systems, and my primary station is still unbuildable is there any fixes for this? I spent about 6 hours getting this station orientated with my origin station, above the belt, I just want this to be a working buildable...
  6. Station Parts Duplicated in Place in are Stuck

    I've had a glitch after the recent patch where station modules or stuff placed in a factory will duplicate. Most of the pieces are "ghost" and disappear after being picked up. Some modules though can't be removed since they keep meshing in and out of each other and reset my weld tool. Is there a...
  7. Jenkins

    entering and exiting EBM to fast Deletes Ship

    i lost over 70h of progress in the form of 2 ships items and ore when you enter and exit easy build mode to fast the ship gets removed and deleted from ship list im done playing i have no ship i cant spawn a new laborer and i got no materials left because i used them on the second ship that got...
  8. Alendo

    [BUG] Blueprint tab is greyed out.

    Has anyone else had this tab just greyed out? It stopped me from being able to repair my ship in deep space on Sunday, today it stops me from running a durability check on a ship I'm trying to design. I've submitted a bug report on it, but if someone knows of a fix, please let me know.
  9. My ship can't move

    Hi ! I have bought a new ship ( the Trident (Tier 1) ), yesterday he work well the entire day but today my ship don't do anything, I can't move it but I don't understand because my rods are full , batteries and propellant too, I doesn't mod it or change anything. Someone can help me please, i'm...
  10. Pulz

    Forum signatures (images) are broken

    I cannot for the life of me understand how to make a signature work here. I have even attempted to replicate a few other users signatures- but each time it either becomes a hyperlink or.. this embedded site info thing: I tried the same BBCode with a handful of other hosting sites- all of them...