1. Chemosh Moon chart.

    Hey Endos, I have mined on the moon for about an hour and had people in my company mine the belt, this is what we have discovered and I hope this helps anyone who wants to take a trip to Chemosh (Vello) (Hope you like my bad skills)
  2. XenoCow

    XenoCow's YOLOL Guides

    !!!YOLOL Guides!!! Welcome to my guides on the in-game programming language YOLOL. I hope yo be informative, useful, and brief with them. Take a look and have fun programming! Episode #1, the basics:
  3. Hunter

    How to disable the safezone lock/leave the safezone

    Hey all, I'm continuing to upload small tutorials that aim to answer questions that new players in EA will have. With this video, I'm explaining how to disable the "safezone lock", which requires going a few menus deep into the settings and may be hard to find for new players.
  4. Hunter

    Ore selling/transfer guide.

    Hi all, Before Starbase releases into EA, I'm attempting to make some short tutorials that aim to answer questions that new players will have in sub-1 minute videos. This video covers how to sell ores to Origin station after your first asteroid belt mining run.