1. Mambosamba

    Anyone think large scale warfare will happen in star base?

    I played quite a bit of eve, so i'm pretty sure some crazy things are possible in star base, including large scale warfare, but some people don't seem to think so. your thoughts?
  2. Fingle

    Crisis of Conflict: Is there a reason to go to war in Starbase?

    Hey all, about a month ago I began writing a thread to post on this forum summing up a conversation I had in the Starbase discord. We were discussing the reasons that wars would begin in a starbase and there really didn't seem to be many if any at all. Long story short, that post eventually...
  3. TheMarksman

    A thought on the trade-offs of an Empire-Kingdom War.

    Note: The following pieces of information are derived from assumptions based on information gained from the Starbase Discord. Any form of discrepancies are highly likely and should, therefore, lend low credibility to this article. By reading this article, you agree to this note and therefore...