A thought on the trade-offs of an Empire-Kingdom War.


Veteran endo
Aug 9, 2019
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One could say that war is, in some ways, idiotic. For one, multiple reasons for declaring the last resort can be attained, whether it'd be a war for resources, as shown by the Japanese's invasion and subsequent participation of World War 2, or a war for territory, as shown by the Lebensraum ideology in the lead up to WW2. For another, any forms of war would lead to any amount of casualties. One example of this is of the Anglo-Zanzibar war, the shortest war in history, where roughly 500 casualties were inflicted upon Zanzibar. In any case, as one might put it, "War never changes."

But war is looming on the horizon. As most would know it, Empire and Kingdom have declared war on one another and it'd likely be long-lasting. But to start off on anything, we'd have to talk about how this war first started.

From the Empire's point of view, Kingdom struck the first blow by attacking a convoy with no warning whatsoever. No word was made on the contents of the said convoy, nor was any proof shown on Kingdom's involvement in the crime. Nonetheless, the damage has been done and now the war is here.

But what would such a war entail?

One way a war of such scale would bring would be in safeguarding the safety of the general public. Resources would be allocated towards the defence of convoys and military bases, leaving those neutral to the conflict at the mercy of pirates. This, in turn, forces miners and merchants to seek the help of mercenaries or even fellow colleagues to prevent themselves from being killed and their cargo looted. This will put a drain on the individual's finance through the hiring of mercenaries, and potentially hostile competition for many in the community.

Another issue that is brought up is the potential for pirates to become a powerhouse on their own. Pirate Kings would have the capability if given the chance to rule large swath of space that would otherwise be overseen by a police force. Pirates would also have the capabilities to field heavy weaponry, such as the use of Rail Cannons and Torpedoes to take down any targets bigger or equal to a Frigate. It would also be extremely hard to clear these spaces once the pirates have fully settled in.

The environment would breed many types of unsolicited griefing or trolling that would otherwise be prevented. Even if there is a legitimate prison to hold these people, these people will not be sent there without the Two to know of said acts happening.

A war between Empire and Kingdom would also severely weaken the holdings of both factions. Once either or both are weakened enough, factions can rise up and take these space for themselves, undermining the power of the Two and providing a potential threat to both. This is not inclusive of any internal threats that the Two could face. Any form of incursions can and would cause a significant enough collapse to render one or both to be ineffective and lose what they would call a faction.

With the doom and gloom, also comes with its own version a silver lining.

Weapon manufacturers would benefit greatly from such a war. Competition in this market would be small, and even if there was much competition, any firm would likely become able to be one of the richest corporations in the game. With such capabilities, they'll have the option to meddle in affairs and literally buy a say in any events that would have any impact on them.

Now with the current geopolitical environment, it is growing unlikely that the flames of war be stopped before it's started. But war must have an ending. And that ending does not need to be the total annihilation of a faction. Everyone is involved in this and that also means everyone can change the course of the war.

And ultimately, this war mustn't be lost.
Jan 27, 2020
War can unite internally to a certain extent, but whether it is beneficial depends on its original purpose.