1. Yonax

    Faction Starbase [FR] La Garde

    La Garde Recrute ! Présentation La Garde est une compagnie Militaire technologique et sociale, qui se classe comme neutre dans la rivalité Empire/Kingdom, tous les membres sont des soldats qui sur la base du volontariat participent aux différents événements proposés par d'autres membres...
  2. Saltylelele

    State of SB - An Alpha player's point of view.

    DISCLAIMER: I am a day-1 alpha player, and racked up 1700+hrs on the alpha build. I have 300+ hours on the main game. Why this little? I'll get into that in a bit. Everything here will be influenced by previous experience with the game and Frozenbyte. Second; I am not a native English speaker /...
  3. Bracaster

    Should SB devs wipe economy prior to 1.0?

    I have my own thoughts, but curious about how the community feels on this point. Thanks for participating. :)
  4. Vurthus

    Idea about easier ship building

    I have an idea about the Ship Designer in Starbase that would make the ship building process much easier for both new and older players. What if there was a checklist for all components needed to fly a ship? So players would know exactly what is needed on their ship. I am not talking about...
  5. Archivist

    Starbase Short Stories and Lore

    Starbase has set itself as a rough slate that is ripe for speculation into its existence. This is my theory on the history of the Starbase universe, spoken through the factions that will inevitably form its tales in the future. In Chapter One I hope to contribute speculation into the existence...
  6. Zaff

    Starbase Cinematic Short - Celebrating Collective 2 years

    The faction I'm part of (Collective) has its 2nd anniversary/birthday today, so we made a short cinematic using stylish Starbase machinery! Starbase has the interesting advantage of making highly interactive set pieces for telling short stories. Don't believe me? Watch this:
  7. Starbase - Shantys for the Soul

    Using Chipspeech and FL studio I've written (Randy Endy-O written by FFT2003#3480) some Starbase Shanties! Heres the first collection: Enjoy!
  8. XenoCow

    Why Do I Post My Starbase Videos to Youtube Alternatives?

    The simple answer: is that its free to me, gives my viewers choice (all five or six of them), and has the potential to earn me money much sooner than Youtube. The long answer: I enjoy experimenting and learning new things, as many of you who would want to play a game like Starbase would...
  9. Programmable and customisable screens

    I am suggesting a simple programmable screen, something similar to garry's mod -> Wiremod -> EGP Screens. The way they work are quite simple, you get a blank screen, that you can then modify by programming in shapes, text and polygons at x and y coordinates. It's a really simple concept, yet...
  10. The Mad King

    YOLOL Coding Possibilities?

    So could you make an automatic evasive maneuvers program with YOLOL?
  11. Zaff

    🙏 Church of Pip 🙏

    Starbase developer Pip has gained a cult following. The followers are recognized by changing their discord profile picture (pipture) to an edit of planet Eos, typically with googly eyes. I compiled a holy gallery of the phenomenon:
  12. Cannon Machine Ballista

    About publicity of the game 【CN】

    The content and publicity of the game are very attractive, but when localizing, you need to listen to the suggestions of players. Some famous local agents sometimes anger the players, because the new players brought by these agents are often of low quality and very It is easy to destroy the game...
  13. Zaff

    Secret Timelapse - Annotated stats, 3 moons shown

    So Frozenbyte recently hid the Youtube URl of a unlisted video inside their "Starbase - Getting started" video. I looked further into it and found not 1, not 2, but 3 moons shown! Decided to throw together an annotated version of the timelapse. Where it was hidden: Original: My annotated...
  14. Zaff

    How I've "played Starbase" for the past 10 months

    For the past 10 months I've been running a prank on the Starbase discord community. Now at April Fools day it concluded to this video:
  15. zynoa123


    Another poster I made, wish I could upload bigger files but here yall go. hope yall enjoy
  16. Sloppy Stalin

    Mobile App for Forum/Starbase

    Any plans for something like this? Either one to easily access the forum or to view faction status n such within Starbase itself (When it comes out obviously).
  17. Mule

    Starbase Faction Finder

    Starbase Faction Finder Starbase Faction Finder is an interactive phonebook, ordered and categorized to help you find the faction you're looking for. Looking to join a faction? Perhaps add your own faction? Or simply browse to see what each faction represents? You can do it all here. Our...
  18. Azelous

    Official Forums vs Reddit vs Discord

    Which of the three do you think facilitates “better” discussion of the game? From my own experience: Discord has the most consistent discussion, but is unsorted and consists of conversations that span many lines of text. Good source of info if you search the Discord for phrases. I would rank it...
  19. Engineering machine No.1

    太阳神(Helios),人工智能文明共同体(Artificial Intelligence Civilization Community)

    我们内部经过了大规模的调整,调整内容如下: 1、我们的官方语言增加了英文; 2、我们着重调整了我们的政治制度和意识形态; 3、我们新增了我们的维基页面,供大家详细了解我们; 4、我们第二次更新了我们在论坛的宣传页面。 这是我们的维基: 此页面只是简单介绍一下我们派系各个方面的内容,详细内容请去我们的维基了解。 We have undergone a large-scale adjustment internally, and the adjustments are as follows...