1. anton_stezhkin

    YOLOL IDE (Yolol-coding quility of life)

    Coding in starbase makes me ... sad. To say the least. I mean not the language and the executuion speed. I treat it like an interesting engeneering challenge. I mean the coding interface. I'm even ready to buy a premium coding-tool for real money or 10 000 000 SC to improve this process! 1...
  2. PumpkinUniverse

    Sending Info between ships?????

    Is sending information out from your ship to other ships going to be apart of the game??? (example: You have a fleet with yolol controlled auto turrets and they are set to shoot any ship that doesnt have the fleet id number) could you send info like "serial numbers" between ships?
  3. Network?

    I have an IRC chat with people active, I wonder if YOLOL can go for Network programming so I can make my own IRC client for starbase and keep chatting in-game?