YOLOL IDE (Yolol-coding quility of life)

Mar 19, 2021
Coding in starbase makes me ... sad. To say the least.
I mean not the language and the executuion speed. I treat it like an interesting engeneering challenge.
I mean the coding interface. I'm even ready to buy a premium coding-tool for real money or 10 000 000 SC to improve this process!

1. Why is the player forced to copy line-by-line? It brings nothing except pain and suffering.
2. The font in the ship editor is small and white on light-gray background. If it can be chaiged in settings, please tell me! I'll be happy and grateful.
3. Highlighting :_Permanent, temporary and :missing permanent variables colors woild be great. By missing permanent variables i mean declared in the code, but not present in memory chips or device fields. This will save much time and make troubleshooting easier.
4. Underline the lines with syntax errors
5. Warning if :geek: you are tryng to use an advanced function on a basic chip.
6. Script library. Well, there is a workaround I save chips with scripts as modules in the ship designer, but a scripl library would be better.
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