A navigation system is needed.


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Feb 19, 2020
I didn't care for coordinates before, but having had difficulties meeting up with people beyond the safezone it does seem like something might be needed. However, I still don't want precise coordinates. I'd much rather see a map function on the u-tool, with a 3D representation of the known game universe like this:

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Apologies for the shoddy mockup, and thanks for the quick screengrab Okim

With this, users could plot out points of interest (and share them with friends) with a limited resolution - say, 50km cubes, or however small or large is ideal. Stations would not be automatically discovered when they are built, and would rely on player transmission and natural discovery to add them to the map, whether it be automatic or otherwise. Users within the same group/on each other's friends list/company/etcetera with their personal transponders active would be marked with the same resolution. Creating waypoints could be done through the U-Tool (ie typing the coordinates out) or created with a "place at feet" function - but again, with the same relatively imprecise resolution. The 'spawn' button would tie in with the game's insurance transfer feature, and the 'ships' and 'bank' buttons (if applicable) would only list the ships or items stored at that station, and not allow inventory transfer, etcetera.

Naturally, the map could be zoomed in or out, panned around, etcetera, especially to encompass the moons. I think this map style would encourage gameplay while not being too cheaty like Minecraft coordinates. Companies would be able to control map permissions, and their waypoints would be a closely guarded secret - after all, you don't want to share the locations of your ships, stations, and known resource nodes with just anybody.

While in-game solutions like the Yonder network and GPS buoys are really neat, I think a map is one tool that MMO players kind of take for granted, and that shouldn't be looked down upon. Right now, I have no reason to believe that I should go to the other side of Eos.. but what if I could purchase a set of waypoints from a mapmaker's company, and discover that there are nodes of valuable resources near XYZ station? Or that there's a ship combat arena nearby? I'd feel more inclined to explore without needing to browse Discord servers to find interesting locations.

Wonderful mockup! I would most definitely like to see something like this. It's a nice middleground between no coords and full coords.


Sep 2, 2020
Over 800 hours in game I have. This post and years later the game is BLEEDING players in a rapid manner. EVERYONE in my previous company a total of 8 players left the game because they could not navigate. ISAN sucks balls. It is a great player effort and helps many players, I would not be here if it were not for ISAN but it is very laggy and difficult to use for many.
Signa Trope is so complex and large it is useless to 90% of players. Yet is show what can be done by rocket scientist that play the game, I am not a rocket scientist.
The devs are are lost with no basic map in the game. I sure hope they realize the player base is leaving in droves due to this issue.
Oct 12, 2021
I believe, that only one thing can highly improve all navigation systems in starbase: allow receivers to catch stations and ship transponders, while them turned on. If receiver can get info about distance to transponder and it direction, navigation potential boosts immediately.