About station jobs

Oct 14, 2019
What do you think about the work "Repair"?
I have heard that a large number of players often crash into asteroids. That's why I'm offering a new job for beginners.
In short, you repair the ship with a filling tool and repair the ship as on the station lots.
You are given a destroyed ship and a player and you must repair the ship by blueprint.
Repair as on the lots of the station so that it was impossible to break the ship.

This work will also help those who crashed. Your destroyed ship can be given for repair. This will be cheaper than selling and buying a new one, but it may take a long time since your ship must fall into the hands of a player to fix it.

Beginners can choose 3 types of ships to repair. Small Medium and Large.
For repairing a small ship, 30 percent of its cost is given.
For repairing a medium ship, 20 percent of its cost is given.
For repairing a large ship, 10 percent of its cost is given.


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Aug 9, 2019
They Empire through discord and Kingdom i do believe have "Repair Job" listed for available work. They mention players can make credits by repairing military ships coming back from a fight, mining and cargo ships taking damage for w/e reason while their out doing their jobs. The 2 main factions are gonna implement this job into effect once the game starts rolling out and the need for this job becomes available.