Sep 1, 2022
Here we flash our ASS's for all to see and compare
I want this thread to be an open discussion for asteroid avoid and approach systems
a place to brag about your creations and maybe get trashed for them
I'll go first,
I run 4 codes on 4 separate chips
I use 3 letters for most device fields
2 R=150-:SPEED :UD=(( :UFD-:LFD)*:APR)/R :RL=(( :SFD-: PFD)*:APR)/R GOTO1
3 if :APR==-1 and :CTR<1000 then :FF2=:CTR/30-1 else :FF2=0 end goto1
4 L1 :fcuback=:ASS*(25-:CTR) GOTO:APR+:ASS
L2 if :AVOID<4750 then :fcuback=100 :cruise=4 goto3 end goto1
L20 :cruise=4 :fcuback=0
I have all yolol commands routed to FCU2 and my range finders are separated into 5 zones
upper "UFD" lower "LFD" port "PFD" starboard "SFD" and center "CTR"
I use an advanced fcu and named the fields forward "FF2" up/down "UD" right/left "RL" backward "FCUBACK"
one button "ASS" to turn range finders on/off and one switch "APR" to toggle between approach "-1" avoid "1" and off "0"
for the avoid side I found the fasted response when I output the sum of all zones to a progress bar "AVOID"
while in avoid it will strafe to avoid asteroids and stop/backward if they get to close
and on approach it will center on the asteroid and stop at 25-30 meters
to balance left/right and up/down movement I made it a factor of "speed" pulled from a speedometer
for your consideration this is my ASS
yours for the low price of a comment
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